Caring for a Newborn Baby, As I Have Observed During My Experience

Caring for a Newborn Baby, As I Have Observed During My Experience

Hi, friends! Today, I am sharing some important things about newborn babies. I am the mother of a 5 month old baby boy. After a normal delivery, I understood some important things for the care of my baby. When nurse come to me with my baby, she told me to first care of the baby, and and myself, too.

When I tried feeding my baby for the first time, I cleaned my breast with a little hot water. After this, I tried to feed my baby, but he was unable to. I was a little worried about this, but my doctor guided me about first time breastfeeding. Sometimes, newborn babies can feed, but other times, they are unable to. In that case, you have to to teach them how to feed. After 3 or 4 tries, my baby started to feed a little. Not properly at first, but in another 2 days, he completely started feeding.

Next comes baby care and cleaning. Newborns have baby wax in some body parts, like behind the ears, head, in the underarms, and in the creases of the hands, legs, and fingers. I use baby wipes for soft cleaning of all body parts. After that, I apply talcum powder all over his body, and I also use mustard oil for massaging, as it is very good.

For the cleaning of the bottom after potty, I use only wet wipes. Sometimes, rashes can appear because of water, and wet wipes help to get rid of them. The wipes are especially useful during the winter. Massage your baby 2 times a day, and also change his clothes twice, or more if needed.

Newborn babies need a lot of attention from their mothers, but mommies also need attention, as when you are fit, you are able to keep your baby fit!

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