I Made My Baby Go From Being a Normal Baby to a 'DIFFERENT' Baby

I Made My Baby Go From Being a Normal Baby to a ‘DIFFERENT’ Baby

I don’t know how to start my story – no, not at all my story; my experience, rather.What do you think about using the word ‘different’? I am using the word ‘DIFFERENT’ to explain about my baby. Yes, he is different from other children. He is ‘different’ not because of genetical problems, not because of any disease, but because of me – only because of me.We all are busy in this world and sometimes we don’t have time to spend with our own kids. When your kids irritate you, what do you do normally? Give him a mobile phone, is it? Do you think of the after-effects of doing so?It can change your baby and make him become less creative and less talkative. Mobile phones kill social skills. The baby is always in an imaginative world and he always has his mobile cartoon friends with him. He is not bothered by society and friends.Now my baby has a few behavioural characteristics of an autistic child or of a child with ADHD, but he is not. The overuse of a mobile phone has made him like that. Giving your child a mobile phone to play with is a crime and yes, I am a criminal. Never ever give any kind of gadgets to your babies under 3 years old. When I read articles and messages about the use of mobile phones among children, I used to think it would never happen to children and that it was too creative. When I met with doctors to find out the reason behind my child’s problems, I never ever thought that the mobile phone would be the main villain of this story.Do you think I am writing this only for getting more likes? No, not at all! To make everyone aware of the effects of mobile phones on children is my duty. These words are from my experience. Please don’t give your kids mobile phones to play with. This is not a story. This is LIFE.Open the world of stories, letters, and colours to your children. If required, leave matters to his grandparents too. They can play an important role in helping your child get over the ill-effects of cell phones.

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