Empowering Motherhood - A Small Story of Selfish-Discovery

Empowering Motherhood – A Small Story of Selfish-Discovery

A few years ago, when I was an expectant mother, I watched a biopic on an Indian female boxer. A dialogue in that movie stimulated me then – Motherhood empowers women. But then, all around me, I could hear stories about mothers leaving their jobs after childbirth and having no time for themselves. The stories were contradictory, and that confused me. The empowerment wasn’t visible.

Over the years, I remained curious to identify my strength and continue being a working mother. Many of you might be in those shoes currently, and many others might have overcome the perplexities just as me. You’d be intrigued to learn what happened next!
Now, my little one is 4 years old, and my curiosities have served me well. In short, I have been able to connect the dots. I am the owner of a Medium Enterprise, rising from the level of an average Newspaper Journalist. My enterprise was born, nurtured, and managed amidst the chaos of new motherhood, shortage of me-time, and imbalance of work-life.
I now understand how exactly this proliferation of motherhood and empowerment works. It is something not explored as deeply by many other mommies, I am sure. But, let’s pay attention and shift our mindsets.
By sharing this experience, I intend to create that self-awareness in them and tell them that they are already so empowered. They only need to channelise their potential for success.
Look back mommies, and see how beautifully we multi-task every day! We never fall short of competence in cooking at home or handling a client meeting at the office. We make sure our children perform well at school, in competitions, and they look the best for the next birthday party!
We do not fail to recite a good night story to them, nor do we forget to make the festivals and birthdays special for everyone else at home. Well, we have got the same 24 hours per day to achieve all this. I don’t choose to complain that I have so much on my plate because I’m empowered to manage it all, and manage it very well!
How about you?

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