Is Society Being Judgemental About Women Counterparts?

The female gender of our society is the most easily targeted section for both good and bad, especially in our country. We do favours for her and we become generous, we provide reservations to her, and we help her succeed in every field; we appraise her and mention the boundary she has managed to cross with your help! This clearly shows that she is still considered weaker than her male counterparts physically as well as mentally.

Both studied together at school and college and always competed to stay ahead, but why is there a difference at a later stage? If a married woman is career-oriented, she may be considered bossy, or someone who is not good at maintaining relationships or taking care of her family. The male counterparts, on the other hand, always take pride in going out to work.
Most people think that she had to work to share her family expenses, but no one accepts that she would be equally concerned about her career like you. Working mums have to give their best at their workplaces without excuses of family and at home, she needs to see that she does not fail when raising her children and that they are not left behind in the race. If she is a homemaker, she is already overloaded with societal expectations.
Most of the women have struggled and actually wanted to keep up in the race, except the ones who are forcefully taught to keep their instinct in a recessive state. Though only a few could manage to reach the Boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies or big public sector players, the society has already saved itself by giving them the tag of ‘Superwoman‘, and the women have accepted it.
Women want to be the best performers, best mums, best wives, best daughters, or best daughters-in-law, but is it easy to be a superwoman? It’s fine if we also say ‘No’ with the same authority to some of the things we don’t know or don’t want to do. We can give our best in our areas of interest only when some of the things are removed from our ‘to-do lists’. Before thinking of what others might judge you for, start thinking about what is good for you. No job is strictly meant for a woman or a man. A woman may help her husband in some of his work she is good at, and a man can help her in some of her work, including cook dinner.
The motive here is not to prove that men and women are equal. The almighty God has, of course, made us biologically different, but our states of mind are not different. We look forward to having a world where we have the same respect in everything or anything we do of our own choice. Whatever changes or developments we may have witnessed to date that women are going hand-in-hand in every field, the actual revolution is still to happen when women are treated as equals without the biases of the generous society!
Shalini Singh
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