Tips to Make Travelling Easy With Your Toddler

This post is dedicated to all the travel freaks whose feet are always on the run to explore our beautiful world and have wonderful experiences. I will be sharing some important tips to make your travel fun and easy with kiddos.
1. Packing- Try to pack all the essentials in a compressed manner. There are so many vidoes online that show us how to fold clothes and pack in a simple and efficient manner.
2. Essentials- Don’t forget the essentials that kids need like medicines and some healthy and tasty ready to eat food. Fruits are a saviour. Pack extra clothes, as kids can be messy. Don’t forget to take crayons and games for kids.
Mom packing clothes
3. Caretaker- Take grandparents or a care taker along, if possible, as they are the best friends of your toddler and will keep him happy all the time. Plus, it gives you some free time during the vacation to enjoy yourself.
4. Kid-friendly Area – This is a must for a vacation, as kids will enjoy themselves and it gives us  me- time.
Hope these tips make you plan more vacations with your little one.
Note – When my child was around eight months old I used carry a  small pressure cooker with me, along with two small pouches of food. One had roasted multigrain dalia with bit of  salt in it and thr other had rice and moong dal with bit of turmeric and salt in it. You just have to add the desired amount of water, and in two whistles, it’s done! This used to make it so easy to cook food for the baby during vacation, as outside food may not have suited his stomach. I also used to carry my baby in my favorite hybrid strechy wrap ( carrier), which made our journey very smooth and we had freedom to travel around with the baby.


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