6 Safety Measures Every Parent Must Take

6 Safety Measures Every Parent Must Take

When a baby’s born, it’s a big day for the parents and the entire family, but this big day comes with many responsibilities. A child’s safety should be a priority for parents as well as other family members because even minor mistake can harm the child. Here I have tried to list some of the safety measures that I keep in mind.

1. Install a geyser: You might be wondering how this relates to your child’s safety, but it does have an impact. During winter, we often use immersion rods to heat water, but when your child starts crawling, you should avoid using it. Installing a geyser will also be helpful when your child starts potty training as you can use warm water easily. Otherwise, you will have to boil the water and carry the warm water in a container to the bathroom, which could also be a potential risk to your little one.

2. Don’t leave your child in the balcony: Never leave your child alone in the balcony, and don’t keep a chair or anything your child can stand on. Always accompany your child in the balcony or terrace, and even when you are carrying your baby, don’t let her peek out.

3. Never leave your child in a bathtub: Always make sure you are around when your child is taking a bath in the tub. Do not fill the bathtub to the brim and even if you want to get something from outside quickly, don’t leave your baby alone in the bathroom.

4. Look out for corners and edges: At home, we have wall corners and furniture edges, and even some toys can harm your child while playing. Always monitor your child when he is playing and going around the house.

5. Keep your child away from switchboards and iron: Children have a habit of putting their fingers in switchboards which is very dangerous. Parents must also remember to keep the iron away from kids.  Nowadays, we keep plugging the mobile chargers, and your child can put in her mouth, so keep these things out of your baby’s reach.

6. Keep your child out of the kitchen: When you’re cooking, it’s better to keep your child away from the kitchen. Kids are curious and might want to play with the gas cylinder knobs or want to know what you’re cooking. So, keeping them out of the kitchen while you’re cooking will keep them out of harm’s way.

These are some of the precautions I take, and I believe that parents must be very cautious when caring for a young child as even a small mistake can be dangerous for their baby.

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