Things to Watch Out for When You Become a New Mother

Things to Watch Out for When You Become a New Mother

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I have become a new mother recently, and there have been different avenues I am exploring each and every day. However as I am a new mother, I have no prior knowledge about motherhood, I had an unclear notion of motherhood, so every day became a learning experience for me.
There are five things which I need to keep a watch as and when my child is growing up, and those are:

1. Whether My Child Is Well Hydrated or Not

Because during summer it is very essential to take note of how many times my child is peeing. My child is four months old, and she fully relies on my breast milk. So, it is important to watch if my breast milk suffices her hunger or not. She sweats a lot, so sometimes her pee count gets reduced. So I had to keep feeding her almost on her demand just to make her pee count six every day. And we all know, mother’s milk works as an antibody for them and it contains 90% of water. So it is very important to feed your baby only with your breast milk upto six months of age.

2. Whether My Child Is Getting the Right Skincare and Haircare

It is very difficult to choose the right skincare and haircare brand for a child because you do not know what type your child’s skin is, it might be sensitive too. So it is always essential to read the ingredients before purchasing a baby care product. I did not have too much knowledge about the ingredients so I researched each and every ingredient. I was looking forward to something that can actually have a higher percentage of natural ingredients percentage as compared to the chemical ingredients. So after my research, I came across a brand for both mother and baby. So, I started with their baby care range when my doctor gave me a green signal to use baby products for my child. I started initially with their baby body lotion, baby powder, and baby hair oil. All three products are extremely efficacious. The products consist of organic ingredients which are beneficial for my child’s skin. The lotion has helped to get rid of her flaky skin. It has a soothing agent. The hair oil worked really well on her cradle cap. Due to her cradle cap, she was having hairfall too. The hairfall also got reduced. I use the powder before and after changing her diaper. It absorbs the wetness and makes the area dry. Touchwood, my baby doesn’t suffer from diaper rashes because of this powder. I am looking forward to using all their baby care products. 

3. I Try to Keep My Eyes on Her

I am always worried about my baby, whether she is eating or sleeping properly or not. I try to keep my eyes on her 24×7. I try to find out the reason if she refuses her feed or sleep. As I am new to this journey, I try to find out the reason behind her cry. Whether she is crying out of colic pain, or hunger, sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand. But as usual, I try my best to keep her calm. 

4. To Maintain Proper Hygiene and Care

As I have become a mother in this COVID-19 pandemic, I always try to maintain proper hygiene when it comes to my baby. I usually ask people to sanitise themselves, when anyone comes to see my daughter, and it is applicable for my family members too. I try to keep everything clean and sanitised around her. From changing bedsheets and pillow covers to changing curtains, all this has become my regular duties. I regularly wash and dry her toys because nowadays she puts everything into her mouth. So in this current situation, it is very important to keep everything clean around her. 

5. To Ensure Her Safety

Keeping in mind our surrounding situations, I always try to keep my baby safe from anything and everything. I do keep her private parts covered all the time. I always give her a bath in an enclosed room. I do not let anyone touch her despite my family members. In these ways, I try to ensure her safety and well-being.
Taking care of a child is not an easy task. Irrespective of everything, a baby always becomes our topmost priority. So these are the things that I usually watch out for after becoming a mother. 
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