Fun and Low-Cost Colour Recognition Activities for Toddlers Through Play Methods

Fun and Low-Cost Colour Recognition Activities for Toddlers Through Play Methods

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Every parent’s concern is to teach their toddler to recognise different colours, which the child finds interesting, and keep them busy for a longer time. We all know that toddlers get easily bored; therefore, as parents, we need new and interesting activities to keep them engaged.

Here are some play activities that can help your toddler recognise colours in interesting ways:

1. Stack of Rings

A stack of rings can be easily bought from local shops or online stores. Parents might show toddlers different colours of rings by singing. For example, “Orange coloUr, where are you? Here I am, here I am! How do you do?”


  • Helps in recognition of colours
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Learn colours rhyme
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Promote self-play
2. Balloons
You might buy a packet of colourful balloons and inflate them. The child will observe the colourful balloons and would keep himself busy by playing with them.
  • Encourage self-play
  • Low expenses
  • Improve motor skills
  • Colour recognition
3. Ball Zone
You might buy a Ball Zone in which you would find balls of different colours. The child might keep himself occupies with those balls.
  • Self-play
  • Colours recognition
  • Motor skills development
4. Board Books
You might want to invest in board books. Your toddler’s brain is developing at a fast pace. Many children learn by observing their surroundings.
  • Reasonable investment
  • Develops interest in books
  • Hard to tear board books
5. DIY Game
You can stick coloured papers onto the floor. When you name a colour, you can ask your toddler to jump on that paper. At the start, your child would not understand to play the game but he would eventually start loving it. You may involve other members of the family, too.
  • Family bonding
  • Motor skills improvement
  • Learns to jump
  • Colours recognition
6. Colouring kit
You might invest in a box of crayons or sketch pens. Children of this age are very curious. When you give them colours, they might ask you the name of the colours. Also, they might scribble on paper, which helps them to write.
  • Enhance imagination
  • Encourage creativity
  • Help in strengthening grip to hold a pencil
  • Colours recognition
  • Helps in writing

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