Be Proud of Your Kids, No Matter What They Do

Be Proud of Your Kids, No Matter What They Do

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Yes, my son never reached his milestone at the appropriate age, but I’m still proud of him. At least he has tried his best.

Yes, my son is 3.8 years old. He doesn’t know phonics, he doesn’t know to read. But I’m still proud of him as he talks in his mother tongue which is very cute!

Yes, my son doesn’t know to sing rhymes. But I’m still proud of him when he catches the rhythm, blabbers his own words, and sings -very innovative right?

I am not only proud when he helps me put the clothes for drying and does the household work, but also when he feels lazy to pack his toys and he packs little out of the entire lot (He does a little which matters a lot for me).

I am not only proud when he eats bitter gourd, leafy vegetables, and fruits, but also when he eats snacks and fries, that too in a controlled manner like one or two per day (little junk food is fine, let them enjoy).

I am not only proud when he asks something and shows patience while I am doing some work, but also when he is adamant about his needs, shouts louder. He later comes to me, hugs me, and asks me to console him.

I am not only proud when plays with toys in the way he should, but also when he does silly things with them. (Don’t teach kids how to use those toys at the beginning itself. Just give it to them. Trust me, they will tell you 100 other innovative ways to play with that toy.

Remember ‘EEE’.
– Embrace
– Encourage
– Educate

Don’t make your child feel embarrassed. No child is perfect. Let them be in their own way. So yes mommies, share in what way you are proud of your kids right now!

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