Proper Upbringing Can Influence Your Child's Attitude From Childhood

Proper Upbringing Can Influence Your Child’s Attitude From Childhood

I am a mother of an 18-months old baby boy. In the current era, it is very important to provide your kids with the right upbringing and impart the right values and morals to them. Personally, I noticed a few things in my house that intrigued my interest, especially during this lockdown when I was home 24/7 every day.

It is a well-known truth that our way of upbringing impacts our children’s brains – their understanding, life values, and attitude towards family, work, other people, time, responsibilities, relationships, and everything around.

I have noticed my little boy tries to copy me in the household chores I do, like mopping the floor, cutting vegetables, folding clothes, etc. It is a common characteristic of all toddlers to copy their elders. However, most Indian families don’t appreciate or accept the baby boys imitating household work as they believe it is the woman’s task.

If someone slaps my little boy, he never hits them back, which, according to me, is a very good gesture. However, the elders complain that he always gets hit by others as a girl would. As parents and elders, if we fill our sons’ minds with such discriminatory and regressive ideas, they will eventually believe and follow the same. From childhood, it will be etched in their minds that they are better and superior to girls and will treat them in derogatory ways.

Thus, as responsible and progressive parents, we must encourage our kids to help us with household chores, irrespective of gender. We should teach our children that household chores are not gender-based but necessary to live. These are not activities that only girls, mothers, wives, sisters are supposed to do for us.

I hope all new mommies can relate to the idea and nurture their kids to grow up as better human beings. As proper upbringing impacts a kid’s life since childhood, ensure they are disciplined, punctual, responsible, and respectful.

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