What to Feed and What Not to Feed Babies and Toddlers

What to Feed and What Not to Feed Babies and Toddlers

All mothers know what’s best for their children but they tend to worry a lot when they have to feed something new to their little ones. If you are a new mother, no doubt, you must be thinking twice before introducing any new food to your child. You must be asking yourself, “which food is good for your child and which one’s not?”

In this blog, I will tell you all about baby food. Being a mom, you must be aware that babies should not be fed anything except mother’s milk up until 6 months of age. You can start giving formula milk to your baby, but that doesn’t mean that you stop breastfeeding him. Formula milk should be given only once or twice a day and at other times, the baby should be breastfed.

I prefer giving formula milk at night as my baby feels full and thus sleeps properly. Here’s a note to you moms: If you give formula milk in higher amount before your child turns 6 month of age, then please start giving him water too or else your little one will feel constipated.

After 6 month, you can gradually introduce dal ka pani, rice water, plain water, and milk. Continue feeding him breast milk for as long as you like. Slowly, you can start on semisolids too such as sheera, fruit pulp, mashed khichdi, mashed dal rice, etc.

But mommies, please don’t offer packaged food to your little one. Packaged foods may make your baby constipated which might make him uncomfortable. Once your baby turns 10 months of age, you can slowly introduce solid foods to your child. And gradually decrease the session of breastfeeding.

After 1-year baby becomes familiar to each and every food items, then give them breast milk only at night, so at night mommy and baby take their sleep properly.

Continue breastfeeding as long as you feel comfortable. It important for baby’s growth. I continued breastfeeding my little one till he turned 2 years of age. And don’t think that your baby will get habituated to breast milk. After your little one turns 1, you can breastfeed him only once, i.e., at night when your baby is in deep sleep.

And one more thing that you should keep in mind is that don’t give milk in a bottle. Start giving it in glass – your little one will love it.

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