My Counting Seconds to See My Baby and She Was Waiting for Me

My counting seconds to see my baby and she was waiting for me
My baby’s birth story is like a thriller movie with all suspense, chills but with a happy ending. I had a complicated pregnancy. Advised bed rest because of previous miscarriage. I had to resign from my job. Only my husband was there during my difficult time of pregnancy. I had bleeding in the 13th week of pregnancy, I was scared but the baby was fine. In the 24th week, I had to undergo cervical stitch as my cervix was dilating.
On the night of April 30th, I couldn’t have dinner. There were menstrual period-like cramps at around 8 pm. I was not sure what pain it was. It was my 32nd week of pregnancy. My due date was June 14th. The whole night I couldn’t sleep. I had read about the delivery pain which will occur with time intervals. So, I started to check time intervals. My pain was occurring in intervals. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t wake my husband as he was in deep sleep. I walked around the house for a while. It was a very mild pain. Then I woke my husband up at 7 am and called my doctor and informed her. She told me to come to the hospital.
My younger sister had planned to visit me as she had a holiday on May 1st. We all went to the hospital. With some ultrasound and machine check-up, it was made sure that it was delivery pain. As it was the 32nd week, my doctor wanted to postpone my delivery and as a precautionary measure, an injection was given to develop lungs. My pain reduced and I was under observation till May 2nd. The doctor advised discharge from hospital and complete bed rest at home. We were just getting ready to leave the hospital and again pain started.
So, back to the hospital bed. On May 2nd night, my baby’s movement was too much in my stomach. I got worried but the nurse said it’s fine and that I should inform her if there is no movement. It was May 3rd. I woke up the next morning and observed there was no movement, got shivering and my sister called the nurse. Then the whole nursing staff came running and observed my baby’s breathing on the monitor. Actual reading should be maximum 120, but it was 170,190. Then Doctor came running and said “emergency delivery”.
I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock. I looked at my husband. He was also blinking. My mother in law said, “Pray to God, everything will be good.” I was happy that I will see my baby soon and I will be holding her in my arms. I was so tensed about how she will be like. I never had negative thoughts even for a second. The nurse told me not to get tensed as it might effect my baby. I went into the operating room with a smile and a calm heart.
I was given anesthesia and in 10 minutes, my baby was delivered. I thought they will show my baby to me but she was rushed to another room. Her crying was not loud and she was grunting. I asked the doctor whether everything was fine. She said everything is fine and it’s a girl.
I was kept in the observation room and my baby was in NICU. Then, it was observed that my baby’s breathing was not normal. She was shifted to another hospital. I was in one hospital and she was in another. My husband was with her and my sister with me. It took so many hours for me to gain consciousness and my chills to stop. I was under too much pain.
The doctor said that my baby will be brought back soon. I was just waiting. Then the next day evening, the doctor said that her breathing is not consistent, she has to be still in another hospital. I had not cried till then but I was out of control. I was shattered. It was already 24 hours since delivery and I had not seen my little girl. I cried and cried and requested the doctor to shift me to the same hospital. She said to wait till the next day. My heart was breaking and God only knows how much my heart was aching to see my baby. After 48 hours of observation, I was discharged from that hospital and shifted to the same hospital where my baby was there. I was just counting minutes to see her. When we reached NICU, my heart was beating so fast. We entered inside, she was plugged with so many tubes and was sleeping like an angel. I couldn’t hold her in arms but I touched her tiny feet and hands. She held me tight as if she was waiting for me. I told her to open your eyes baby, your mama and dadda are here. She just gave a smile and I cried holding my husband.
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