Learning on the Pot...Teaching Everyday Discipline and Educational Based Teaching

Learning on the Pot…Teaching Everyday Discipline and Educational Based Teaching

Hi…so my daughter has been trained to have milk as soon as she wakes up and then straight away head to the pot to poop!!! Now that’s been her routine for a year…so when initially I was training her i.e. when she was 10-11months old, for this habit to grow I had to keep her entertained on the pot so that she does not ask me to pick her up out of boredom. I use to sit on a stool and start teaching her parts of the body, alphabets, number counting and recite rhymes and songs, and believe me, that is where I think she learnt the most and with utmost interest as there was no distraction in the loo. Now that she is turning 2 this month she now recites poems herself on the pot… whichever new poem she learns in her playhouse she recites it on the pot and that’s where I get to know her new learnings too. Her potty time has been a learning time for her and both of us enjoy this private time that we share. One day I hear her singing “Machli Jal ki Rani hai” with actions on the pot and the other day “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” again with actions. She has learnt all the body parts very well and I keep adding new parts every 4th day..it feels blissful at times when your little one do what you wish them to and that also on regular basis!!! Also she has been taught that after poop time she straight away has to head to the shower area …get ready and then only can she leave the room to meet her grandparents who then take her to the Mandir to meet the gods and do “jay-jay”…they then give her prasad, which she has to distribute to everyone in the house and then eat. She hates sharing it but has no choice..her expression when she shares it is super! N I love seeing it every morning!

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