10 Reasons Why Winter is Best for Love-Making

10 Reasons Why Winter is Best for Love-Making

Winter is a beloved season for a lot of reasons. In India, it gives respite from the wild October heat. It marks the beginning of a lot of festivities, including Diwali, Christmas and the New Year. Winters make perfect travel weather too – it’s neither too sunny, nor too wet, and winter fashion is SO COMFY. But the best part about winters is getting cosy with your partner!

10 Reasons to Get Busy With Your Better Half This Winter

Winter nights are long and cold. It gets too dark too soon outside, and we don’t blame you for wanting to stay in and stay warm. But there is no reason for you to allow winter to put out the fire in your heart… or your bedroom! Here are 10 reasons why winter is perfect to ignite the spark and kindle the fire with your love!

1. It’s the perfect way to stay warm.

All that kissing and touching is bound to get your heart racing. And when all of it climaxes in one beautiful, intimate experience… the temperature’s gonna rise! While this may not be as desirable in summer, it is a welcome side-effect in winter.

2. Winter Weight? Watch it go away!

You may have heard that people often put on more weight in winter than they do in summer. One of the ways to shake that weight off is by getting busy in bed. Yes, it might be too cold for you to venture out to workout. Thankfully, sex can be the perfect workout for you – one that you will willingly indulge in, without having to coax yourself to get to it! Your partner too will gladly get into shape with you!

3. You can spoon till you swoon.

Physical contact is always welcome in winters. The warmth of holding another body so close to yours will not just drive winter blues away, it can also melt any misunderstandings, fights, and hurt feelings. How can you manage to be angry with your partner when he looks at you with the eyes of a puppy that just wants to be held and loved?

4. Get to the big-O, and get there faster!

Did you know that women orgasm better, longer, and faster when they have socks on their feet? it’s true! The science behind this is – when the feet are warmer (as compared to the rest of the body), heat travels up from the feet towards your privates. This causes the muscles in your groin to relax, making you climax faster, harder, and better!

5. No more rushin’!

Something about winter just puts everything into slow-motion. But guess what? We’re not complaining! With the weather getting colder outside, it is finally perfect setting to just cuddle and hug and touch and kiss a little longer… before you actually get down to business. So you can take your time, and really pay attention to every square inch of your partner.

6. You can cover up the evidence!

Something about a love bite is just so sexy, isn’t it? It is an act of defiance – leaving a mark on your partner for the world to see (or not, depending on the location)! And when winter comes, you have more than one way to cover up all the evidence – in high-neck sweaters, closed-neck tops and shirts, maybe even under the layers of a strategically placed scarf.

7. You can keep infections away.

Winters is a time most of us get the cold or flu at least once. But did you know that sex can keep infections and diseases away? Yup! It has been observed that regular sex boosts the level of a particular antibody called immunoglobulin A (or IgA). Sex is hence a great and very pleasurable way to boost your immunity.

8. Drive the winter blues away with endorphins.

Winter is that time of the year when days are the shortest, and nights are the longest. And while we may love winter in the initial few weeks of the season, once the novelty is lost, it is only human to crave for a little bit of sunlight. For some people, this longing is so strong that it puts them in a legit sad mood. Sex can come to your rescue at such times too – because sex increases the release of endorphins or the happy hormones of the body.

9. He’s always ready.

Have you ever, at any point, tried to initiate sex, only to have your man blow you cold? Well, here’s some happy news – you’ll find him more than willing to engage you every chance you give him when it is winter. You know why? It’s because of all the layers you put on! Less skin-show makes him crave for it more, sending his fantasies running wild. Talk about the forbidden fruit!

10. Showers can be steamy and sexy.

There’s something very, very sexy about bathroom sex – all that water and soap somehow heightens our tactile sense, making every touch more exciting. Sex during winter can hence be made more interesting and exciting by taking it to the shower. One of the best ways to drive the cold away is with a long hot shower. Why not get one with your partner, just before going to bed? Add sex to the equation, and you are bound to end the day on a happy note!

Winter brings out the romantic in all of us. So go ahead, and plan the perfect romantic evening for you and your partner!

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