Things to Say to Your Friend Going Through a Divorce

7 Ways to Help your Friend Get Through Divorce

Did your bestie just tell you that she’s getting a divorce? She must be devastated and heartbroken. Drop everything and rush to her side. This is the time when she needs your love, understanding and support the most. Even if you aren’t sure what to say, don’t let it deter you from going to your friend. You can actually do a lot of things to make her feel better.

How to Help a Friend Going Through a Divorce Manage Life Easier

1. Plan a girls’ night out

There’s nothing like an outing with female friends to take the mind off the worst of troubles. Call up a few of your close mutual girlfriends and go to a club or restaurant. A night of dancing, giggling and gossiping will definitely help your friend forget her pain for some time.

2. Let her vent

When helping a friend through a divorce, be ready to listen to her lament about her problems. You might have to hear it for a long time. But, you know what? Allowing her to release her bottled up emotions will make her feel better and slowly learn to move on.

3. Listen and validate

At times your friend might be bogged down by the fear of what her future will hold and whether she made the right decision to get a divorce. She may also worry about society’s reaction to her divorce. Your job is to reassure her and extend your full support.

Plan a short getaway

4. Plan a short getaway

What your friend needs is a time-out from all that’s going on. Plan a holiday and if she’s game, call a few close friends. Make sure you don’t take her to a place where she and her ex-husband have been to. Choose a good resort with nice food and a relaxing view to get her mind off her troubles.

5. Mind your tongue

You might feel angry at your friend’s husband for having put her into this predicament. But avoid the blame game and don’t join in if she complains about her soon-to-be ex-husband. Your advice for your friend going through a divorce should be to let bygones be bygones.

6. Be patient

Your friend might start taking you for granted and expect you to pamper her. She may expect you to prioritize her needs over all else. Remember, this is just a passing phase, so humour her. Keep your cool if she gets upset and passes nasty comments.

7. Shopping

Shopping is a great way to raise dwindling spirits. Make her feel better by taking her to the nearest mall and trying on clothes and accessories to distract her.

There’s no answer to what to say to a friend going through a divorce. Most times, you just listen. But there’s a lot you can do. The support that you extend to her should be ongoing. Even after she’s over her pain and moved on, check on her every once in a while to make sure she’s doing fine.

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