How to Overcome the Challenges Faced As PCOD Case and Get Pregnant Happily

How to Overcome the Challenges Faced As PCOD Case and Get Pregnant Happily

As in today’s world, many face problem trying to conceive and I too had the same issue. We wanted to gift my son a little sister but then was unable to get those two lines in the pregnancy kit, finally decided to consult a gynaecologist and found out that I was no exception for PCO’S.  Wept and wept daily and also had so many medications, regular scans, routine checkups and many pricks along with complete depression. Every time I thought about myself, felt pity for us, who want to enjoy parenthood for the first time and want to be a complete family.

With my personal experience, not only medication helps to overcome this PCOD, along with that regular exercise and proper diet is also a must and most important is to have a strong willpower. So joined pilates classes where even my hubby joined me for my company later. Both of us were on the track of exercise and diet. Our journey was to keep us fit and healthy, but unknowingly these small changes in my life helped me overcome my stress also.

Even after doing all these, it took almost a year to get rid of this PCO. During this period, I used to feel depressed but my hubby didn’t lose hope and gave me the utmost care and always cheered up me and told we will wait till the good news comes and not to lose hope. Our daily routine became very energetic and enjoyable, so much that I was no more in a worry that i can’t get pregnant and all my pain had vanished.

All thanks to my hubby’s belief and support and mainly the doctor’s suggestions, that great day arrived even in our lives. After consultation, we came out of the hospital with all the giggles and smiles on our faces and my son was more excited than us to welcome the little baby into his precious world.

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