My Journey from PCOD to Pregnancy - A Dream Come True!!!

My Journey from PCOD to Pregnancy – A Dream Come True!!!

PREGNANCY: A joy of life, A dream come true for a woman. ?

Is there anyone who doesn’t love kids??? Nope… I loved kids a lot and always dreamed of having one?. I got married in 2016 to my dream hubby..? Since everything was normal with me I thought conceiving wouldn’t be much difficult?. After 4 months of my marriage, I realised that something wasn’t right. What was it??? I consulted my gynaecologist and found out that I had PCOD??! I was shattered and couldn’t accept this?. My family consoled me and supported me in my struggle to get pregnant. ❤

I then started my treatment which was a 6-month course and throughout which I had many dos and don’ts to follow?‍⚕️?. I was ready to do anything to fulfil my dream of having a little baby in my arms.? Then I realised that getting pregnant is not as easy as it seems. There are many stages of conception and it’s all natural. Time passed and day by day my hopes built up☺. Finally, I completed my treatment and I was asked to go for a scan.? I was excited but also nervous and many thoughts were running through my head?. Finally, it was time for the scan and as soon as I got my report, I was filled with joy.? Everything was positive and now I was fully ready to conceive. ?✔

My pregnancy was a dream come true to me?. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the 2 pink lines on the pregnancy kit! I danced and rejoiced???. My family who supported me throughout this journey were overjoyed. But this was just the beginning..?.I had many obstacles to go through. I was taken care a lot. I went for my first 3-month scan during which I came to know that I had a low lying placenta and I was advised complete rest till the 7th month??. As my pregnancy was a precious one, I didn’t want to take any risk❎. I didn’t step out of my house for about 4 months. Then finally the day came. I scheduled my 7th-month scan and hoped that everything would be fine now.? Yes..Everything was normal. The baby was enjoying inside and I could feel his kicks day and night❤. His little movements gave me confidence and made me feel like a new mom?. Soon I was 9 months pregnant and it was time for a final scan. I wasn’t worried much but a little nervous for sure. ?Unfortunately, I returned with lots of tension and worries. My baby was oblique. I was brokenhearted as I didn’t want to go for a C- section??. I wanted normal delivery and the biggest reason was that I always wanted to feel the pain that my mom took when she delivered me.? But I was tired of fighting it out. I just left everything to my destiny and prayed day and night for the well-being of my baby.?

Finally, the most awaited day..☀️.the most memorable day of life came. I delivered a cute little baby boy normally.? My mother-in-law who is also a staff nurse helped in my delivery. She always had confidence in me. ?No one could ever do what she did for me. I held my little baby in my arms and close to me.❤ His beautiful eyes spoke to me and called me MOM. ?

I realised that this journey wasn’t easy. ?Hats off to all the moms who take so much struggle for their kids. This journey made me realise that being a mom is the most precious gift that a woman can get. ?The arms of your children around your neck are your ornaments that will always shine. ?

Every mom has a different story and a different journey; this was mine.✍ I hope my story inspires someone..someday…somewhere.??

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