This Is Why We Decided to Have a Second Child!

A lot of married couples often discuss the numbers of kids they should have. When the honeymoon phase ends, the first question that is asked to a newly married couple is, “When are you going to have a baby?” Once the couple have a baby and that baby turns 1 year of age, then people ask them, “When are you going to give a sibling to your baby?” The couple may or may not be planning to have a second baby. And if the second baby arrives, then the final question people ask is, “Are you done with the family planning?”

Many people are of the opinion that having two children is right. If a family has only one child or, more than two children, people judge them. But having one, two, three or more children should be the choice of parents, and nobody should judge them.

In our case, when my first child was born, we were very happy. Our family was complete and we decided that we only wanted one child. My husband and I thought that we could give him all the attention and care that he deserves. We thought that if we plan for a second baby then we won’t be able to take care of them both and give equal attention to the, We also had doubts that we won’t be able to take care of them mentally and financially. Hence, our decision was to stick to one child.

Life indeed was going smooth for us as parents. But, it was my son who was struggling. He wanted someone of his age to play with him. Although I was spending most of my time with him and his papa was buying almost everything that he wished for, there was emptiness in his heart which neither of us could fill. When he started going to playschool, he started asking “All my friends have siblings, why don’t I have any?” As we were not ready to have a second child, we asked him to pray that God should give him a sibling. He prayed almost every day and so we decided to have another child. And sure enough, his prayers were answered and we had one more baby boy 5 years after having our first child. And our elder boy is very happy with his little brother. Though some times he feels a little sad because we are not able to give him all the attention, then he understands when we explain him.

Recently I asked him,”Do you like having your brother around or was it nice before your brother was born?” He replied, “I like to have my brother around because he is so cute and that he is the answer to my prayers.” Then he went on and told every single detail that happened the day his brother was born. I was so stoked that he remembered everything. Then I thought how much he wanted a brother.

And today both of our boys are happy to have each other. And as parents, we couldn’t have asked for more. Today when we look at the little one, we realised what we missed out on. Our kids fill our hearts with joy – they make our days brighter.

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