You Only Have 18 Summers with Your Child- Spend Them Wisely!

You Only Have 18 Summers with Your Child – Spend Them Wisely!

I read in an article a couple of months ago stating- ‘You only have 18 summers with your kids!’, and it suddenly struck me, ‘Oh Lord! That is so true!’ It won’t be long before he becomes a teen and will have plans of his own as to how he wants to spend his vacations by going to hobby classes, taking trips, going for sleepovers and then college! Bam! Your child is a grown up already!

This isn’t to make parents feel panic, but to help them PLAN how they would want to spend this precious time efficiently in the best way possible with their kids! As opposed to what most would parents might feel – ‘they are so tiny right now, there is plenty of time’, time does fly by and you’ll be left pondering, ‘only if they were younger for a little longer’, ‘only if I could get that tight hug and kiss one more time!’

Investing money in toys, gifts and trips is not enough; invest your time in playing with your child with those toys, opening those gifts with the same enthusiasm and relishing the trips with them! Put your smartphones down, put aside your work worries for one hour or two, delay your errands by sometime and give your undivided and complete attention to the most important being of your life- your child! Listen to them blabber, laugh at their cooked up stories, play with their dolls and go to the park and play football, give them a piggyback ride or sway them in your arms if that’s what makes them smile!

You Only Have 18 Summers with Your Child- Spend Them Wisely

I would like to spend these vacations building memories with my child so that when he grows up and looks at his childhood pictures, he always has a smile on his face and beautiful memories in his heart! Kids don’t always need the best toy on the shelf, what they want is just their parent’s time and presence and undivided attention! So, give them the time and attention they deserve, not just for themselves but also for our own happiness! Trust me you’ll sleep better the night after you play with your child!

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