Why 'Me Time' is a Healthy and Necessary Part of Modern Parenting

Why ‘Me Time’ is a Healthy and Necessary Part of Modern Parenting

Now, it’s not like I am a selfish mom or I am not happy being bound to my children.
It is also not that I am not enjoying my motherhood or I want to get rid of my duties.
I love my kids and my family. Not a single day passes by without me thanking God for His blessings.
It’s just that the daily tasks, being available all the time for my family, helping kids with their studies leave me exhausted – utterly and truly. I don’t want to spend every single minute feeling stressed.
And this is every mom’s story too, right?
As moms, we sacrifice a lot to make our lil’ ones feel secure and happy but taking care of ourselves takes a back seat. If we try to focus on the ways to make ourselves feel happy, a massive amount of guilt floods in.
Doesn’t it?
Oh! And what about being overwhelmed?
Now, this is a constant companion for us.
The daily busy life, chores, kids, and sleepless nights sometimes leave us overwhelmed.
Too many things around in our head, to do the best for our husband and children that sometimes, we just forget ourselves.
So, in my opinion, it is fine and ok too, to take care of ourselves or think about ourselves.
Those extra few minutes of sleep, extra shower time, few extra minutes to sip a hot cup of coffee or tea…It’s really ok!
Why 'Me Time' is a Healthy and Necessary Part of Modern Parenting

Why You Need Some Me-time As Moms

1. Boosts Productivity

It is common for us as moms to feel exhausted after a long hectic day. Fulfilling the needs of the kids, husband, family, house chores and the never-ending list just sucks all the energy out of us. Most often, it leads to frustration and anxiety. But taking help from your family members or ignoring unnecessary tasks gives you a break. It helps keep your body and soul calm. And after refreshing yourself you feel energetic and a boost in your productivity.

2. Motivation

Taking out some time for yourself increases your level of motivation. You are ready to take charge of your tasks with renewed zeal. You can do much more and in a better way. You would be more focused on your work.

3. Keeps You Stress-Free

When you get some time for yourself, you feel happy and peaceful. You enjoy what you are doing. It makes you happier in your life and in every situation. This leads to positivity and keeps you away from any kind of negativity and depression. Overall, it does wonders for your moods.

4. Helps You Take Care of Others

When you invest time in self-care, this makes you happy because you are getting the opportunity to do what you want. Things you were ignoring or postponing in your personal life are being done. This leads to satisfaction, thereby giving you joy. So when you are happy from inside, you will able to take care of others more efficiently.

5. Makes You a Better Mom

The daily stress sometimes overwhelms us, we break down and this affects our kids. By taking out some time for yourself, it helps you perform and act better. You will be able to handle their tantrums, deal with their grumpiness, and provide utmost care in a better way.
So, at last, I urge you to take some time out for yourself, do something you love to do as it will make you feel happy, content and energetic. Rather than stressing or judging yourself, spend your time on being the best, happiest and healthiest version of you, because that is all your children need.
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