What a Growing Baby Needs: Breast Milk, Attention, and Love

What a Growing Baby Needs: Breast Milk, Attention, and Love

Breast milk is a boon for the baby uptil 6 months. Both the baby and the mother will benefit by breastfeeding. A baby requires many nutrients for natural growth, which are available through breast milk. The milk also increases the immunity of the baby. A mother should consume milk and other nutrients in her food, which will go into the baby through her breast milk.

Mothers should be happy while feeding the baby. Your anger affects your body, which can be transferred to the baby. A baby’s behaviour reflects the nature of the parents. So, it is expected that parents keep any aggressive behaviour in control. It will make the baby both kind and strong.

A baby feels insecure in the absence of the parents. Parents should focus primarily on their children, and fulfilling their needs and demands, in the first 5 years of growing. All vaccination must be done on time. There is a natural attention binds the child with the parents. Babies do not know the new world; they simply learn from their parents. So, parents are also called the first teacher.

Every parent wants their baby to be healthy, cute, and smart. You should find a good doctor for your child, to be able to get advice on healthy growth and development. Never try any medicine without consulting the doctor, as it may create more complex health problems. Keep the environment around the baby clean and safe.

Don’t force any behaviour on children for immediate  effect. Every child has different  capacities. Children love playing, so learning through playing in early ages is required. So, parents should not leave their baby with others.

A baby sleeps after milk feeding. Proper sleep is very important for a baby. Never make noisy around a sleeping baby.

The baby’s mother’s care is also very important! Here, the role of the husband is very crucial. Give love to both the mother and the baby, for careful upbringing of the baby. Cleanliness is very important around the baby, as babies catch infections quickly. Mothers should always keep themselves clean, and baby clothes should also always be clean, to protect against infections and rashes.

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