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Child Care Tips for New Parents

Breast milk and breastfeeding is a boon for children. It has immune-centric nutrients, and is wholesome for the baby. Breastfeeding also helps along the beautiful shape of the breast for the mother. The mother’s nutrition intake must be wholesome, so that the child gets more benefits. A mother should exclusively breastfeed her baby for at least 6 months.

Never medicate a child without consulting a good doctor. The mother should massage the baby with healthy oil, on advice of the doctor. Massaging of both the mother and baby up to 6 months after giving birth is crucial.

Children who are well-cared for learn fast and become mentally strong. Keeping control on unstable or imbalanced emotions like anger or sexual arousal during feeding makes the baby kind, gentle, and strong. The behaviour of the child is a reflection of parental behaviour. Don’t create tensions in the child’s environment, as it can damage the natural growth of the internal mind. Love and play with the baby when he cries.

Breastfeeding makes both the baby mum cosy. The baby always wants the attention of the parents, so parents never leave the baby with anyone else! The baby can fall asleep while feeding, and proper sleep is very important for babies. Never make noise around a sleeping baby.

Proper and on-time vaccination is very important for children. The care of the mother is also crucial, and here is where the role of the husband comes in. Give love to the mother and baby, and appreciate her for her careful upbringing of the baby.

Make sure the baby’s environment is very clean, because infections can occur. The mother should keep herself clean always, and the baby’s clothes should also always be clean.

Babies do not know the new world; they simply learn from their parents. Thus, parents are also called the first teachers. Every parent wants their baby to be a genius, as well as cute and healthy. Your attention and care should extend to all factors of the baby for his natural development.

A good family doctor is essential, and parents should take their advice for healthy growing. Never give any medicine to the baby without consulting the doctor, as it can create more complex health problems. Keep a clean environment around the baby for safety. Don’t scold your child, or force him to do things for immediate effect. Every child has different capacities. Children love playing, so learning through play in the early ages is required.

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