Yoga Poses for Instant Relaxation at Work

Yoga Poses for Instant Relaxation at Work

So there are 274 new emails in the inbox, a bundle of files left to be looked into, a conference call in ten minutes and a brainstorming session to be attended in an hour’s time. It clearly means you barely have any time to relax your desk hunch from sitting in front of your computer the whole day. And of course, when you want to relax and calm your nerves down from the usual office routine, a weekend by the seaside might sound great, but not always possible. True, isn’t it?
Most of the time when we stand after sitting for a long time at work in the office, our lower back, shoulders and spine are screaming their lungs out with pain and soreness. This is not only unhealthy but also invites a lot of risks to our body in the long run. Hence, yoga stretches at the desk during the long hours of your work can help you relieve stress, increase concentration and make you feel better to a great extent.
Yoga helps your body to relax and breathe when you are fatigued through constant office work. Yoga poses will not only leave you feeling energized but you can also try them without disturbing your co-workers.
Hence, try these five simple yet powerful yoga poses for instant relaxation at the office:

1. Seated Forward Bend

This helps you open tight shoulders. All you have to do is, push your chair back away from your desk and stand with both feet flat on the floor. Now, slightly turn your toes in and entwine your fingers in a fist, behind your back. Straighten your arms away from the shoulders, inhale and bring the interlaced fingers down. Exhale and fold at the waist by bringing your hands over your back. Keep the legs straight. Finally, rest your upper half of the body and chest on your thighs by slowly releasing your neck.

2. Stretch and Release the Wrist

Continuous hours of typing can take a toll on your fingers and wrists. All you have to do is, try the stretch and release the wrist action. It’s as simple as it sounds! Firstly, just stand up and stretch your hands in a way that the wrist faces the computer and your fingers face the desk’s edge. Flatten your palms as much as you can by leaning into the wrists. You might feel the pain getting released. In case you feel too much pain you can stop. Secondly, try pressing your fingertips towards the top of your arm and then bend each wrist in the opposite direction by pressing these fingertips toward the inside of your wrist.

3. Roll the Neck

In case you are wearing heels, take them off before trying this yoga pose. Now, close your eyes and look down by resting your chin on the chest. Start circling your neck slowly by taking the right ear over the right shoulder, head back and then the left ear over the left shoulder. Make sure you keep your shoulders extremely relaxed while doing this and not speeding it up. First, do it in the clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise direction and then repeat.

4. Seated Spinal Twist

The seated spinal twist will help you get rid of back pain due to constant sitting. Sit straight on your chair. Inhale deeply, and while exhaling twist to your sideways sitting on your chair. Hold the armrest of your chair and ensure that when you twist to your side, you do so from the bottom of your spine, stressing more on the abdomen and less on the back. Now, breathe and repeat the same by twisting to the other side.

5. Seated Forward and Backbend

Move back from your desk and bring both your feet flat on the floor. Entwine your fingers behind and straighten your arms. Now fold the arms at the waist. Followed by this, rest your chest over your thighs and then release your neck. For the backbend, sit with your spine straight and take a deep breath by opening your arms wide towards the ceiling. When you exhale, look slowly behind yourself and slightly bend from your upper back and chest. Hold this position for a few seconds, then release both your arms to your sides and then repeat it again.
If peace of mind and an energized body is what you look for in between your long stretched working hours, then yoga is the key. So, get set, breathe deep and get ready to feel awesome!
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