How Mothers Can Help Strengthen the Father-Child Bond

The relationship between a father and a child can vary from person to person. Some dads are strong; some are weak, some loud and some are very quiet. But as parents, both father and mother have a very vital role to play. And, to build a strong value base for your child, it’s important that kids respect both the parents.
All kids share a strong bond with the mother, and somehow the father feels left out maybe because of lack of time or work pressure or maybe some other reason. It’s the mother who should take charge and build that bridge between them.
Here’s what you can do:
Ask him for small little help: When a baby is born, there are a number of tasks to be done. You can ask him to start with changing nappies and checking diapers frequently. Then, he can progress slowly to giving a bath to the baby in his free time or babysitting when you have to go out or complete your chores. The baby also starts bonding at this tender age. My baby loves it when his dad is around. He also feels safe around him.
Devote more time, not just money: Many dads I know are working hard to earn money for securing the kids future. And, while doing that day and night, they are losing some precious time as they cannot see their kids growing as often. I feel it’s more important to spend time in the initial years as the kids also realise that their dad can also be their best friend.
Let them learn by making mistakes: It is very important to learn from your mistakes, but if someone keeps poking, you could lose confidence. If the dad is not bathing the baby well, if he is taking a little more time to feed, or if he dresses the baby in wrong clothes, don’t react then and there; wait for some time and then tell him what the consequences could be. For example, the baby could catch a cold if he is not dressed appropriately. I am sure they will realise it too. Nonetheless, let them also make decisions for the baby. This will create a bond between them.
Make them talk and play: Talking and discussing a problem or just a general talk is very important in every relationship. But, if a child always sees his dad busy and keeping a distance, it will only harm their relationship. Therefore, make them sit and talk on various topics like friends, hobby, school, etc. Playing together will also help them strengthen the bond.
So, mommies get on with the job and make them bond for a better future and happy life for all. Your kids will become more independent and learn to discuss their problems with both the parents and not hide anything from either of them.

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