How to Manage the Health and Care of Premature Twins

How to Manage the Health and Care of Premature Twins

I have twins, one baby boy and one baby girl. They are 5 years old now. Initially, it was a bit challenging for me, as they were premature babies. But, day by day, it has become smoother and easier; I started understanding how to feed them, and how to keep calm about their health.

My baby girl used to fall sick repeatedly with colds and coughs. There was no solution for it, but after three years, it has now gone. Don’t worry about premature babies! It’s quite normal to have a preterm delivery. In my case, I felt some pain in my stomach, and I consulted my good doctor. She said that it’s better if we go for a Cesarean section. I was a little scared, as I was not prepared for it. But finally, it happened, and that day was amazing for me, as I finally got to see my prince and princess.

For breastfeeding, I used to keep them both on my two sides, adjusted with pillows, so that feeding was easy – and it was quite comfortable for me. I was also giving them formula, which my doctor had suggested for them.

But, one thing was very challenging for me, and that was sleep. When I would try to put them down to sleep, they didn’t want to sleep! I didn’t know why; maybe it was the weather, as it was so cold in December. I tried to wrap them up cosily and properly, kept them on my stomach, and covered them with a blanket, so that they feel they are still in the womb.

Spend good time with them.

For cold and cough, I used to give them honey and tulsi. It was amazing and worked like magic. You can try it in the morning on an empty stomach. It was very helpful for me. I also started giving almonds and walnuts after 2 years of age, so that their brains become strong.

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