Pregnant Lady’s Body Shows Whether It’s Boy or Girl: Fact or Myth

Pregnant Lady's Body Shows Whether It's Boy or Girl: Fact or Myth

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I desired a healthy baby, regardless of gender, much like the next generation’s conceiving mothers. But I was also intrigued about what I was growing inside my womb. As we reside in India, neither gender determination nor gender reveals parties are permitted. So, like everyone else who read my post, I googled old wives’ tales to find out whether it was a boy or a girl. And here’s where I’ll tell you what old stories and my body said to me about my child’s gender.
1. Morning sickness: I started having nausea and vomiting right from the second month of conceiving. I had so much problem that my weight decreased from 64 to 61 Kg, which signalled that I would have a princess.
 2. Active or Clumpsy: I was active throughout my pregnancy. Never felt tired and was always in a happy mood. This again means it’s a girl.
3. Craving: I ate too many jalebis in my whole pregnancy. Almost every third day, I used to crave sweets. My mother-in-law also predicted that I would have a daughter after seeing my eating pattern. 
4. Heartburn: I used to have so much heartburn during my third trimester that I lie down with two pillows under my head. 
5. Beauty: It is said that a baby girl steals her mother’s beauty, and the same happens. 
6. Carrying high or low: My tummy bulge was not near the rib cage. It was somewhat down, which indicates towards the baby boy. The only sign of having a boy.
7. Line of nigra:  I had a dark brown line from my belly button to the pubic area and not extended towards the ribs. By this time, I was sure and started shopping for pink dresses. 
Most of you have probably discovered the gender of your baby by now after reading these. However, I’d want to point out that these signals did not pan out for me. I got my first view of my baby son, dressed in pink and wearing a pink blanket. So I’ll ask that you read this only for its enjoyment, rather than shop pink like me.
Happy and healthy pregnancy to all the mothers!!! 
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