Making Naughty and Cranky Kids Obedient Through Sharing Responsibilities

Making Naughty and Cranky Kids Obedient Through Sharing Responsibilities

“Uff! How do I manage everything? This question has often cropped up in our minds during this lockdown. We have all encountered yelling at kids or frustration at work in the last few months. The lockdown has been a challenge for everyone. It taught many things to us. Besides, it was more testing for mothers like me. Handling kids, completing office deadlines and no house help. A situation never imagined before. The moment you think of chores, your toddler starts shedding tears. Consequently, you can’t neglect your imminent work.
So, the solution comes appears when the problem arises. Here I go- When I was completely drained in any situation, I found a way out. In fact a two-way solution and i.e indulging my 22 months old and 7-year-old kids in my chores. Somehow I tried and designated a few tasks to my kids. From folding laundry to setting the dishes, my younger one was so elated with the new job!

Roger W. McIntire, a psychology professor at the University of Maryland and author of Raising Good Kids in Tough Times, says, “A child has to have some responsibilities.”
But always keep in mind that you never force your kids to do any task. If they don’t want to do then make them aware of the importance of it and let them decide.
Depending upon the interest of the child their age, and their habits, chores can be assigned.

Here is a list of tasks which could be given to kids
1. Fold laundry
2. Set and clear the table
3. Organise toys
4. Cleaning room
5. Organize study
6. Make their bed
7. Dust the place
8. Watering plants

As I mentioned a two-way solution, let’s talk about the other benefits which will nurture the inner personality of kids.

It can teach them-
1. A sense of teamwork
2. A sense of responsibility and self-reliance
3. Executive function skills
4. To plan and to measure
5. Time management

These routine tasks can help children acquire the skills they will need throughout their lives. Initially, they can be more of a hindrance than a help but soon they’ll be perfectionists!

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