A Breastfeeding Journey and Some Common Issues.

A Breastfeeding Journey and Some Common Issues.

My baby girl was in NICU for 7days, so I was eagerly waiting to hold her and feed her. During those days, my breast milk started leaking as she was not with me due to some health issue. I had to throw the milk from both of my breasts, it was excruciating, and I got a fever for the same.
On the 8th day, when the nurse handed me, my little girl, I was confused about holding her and feeding her. Somehow I managed to keep my baby in a proper position to breastfeed. Her first suck was so hard I could remember that feeling, my whole body shivered, and I got goosebumps; however, things went well then.

After 15 days, I felt a mild pain in my right breast during and after feeding. I started searching for the cause; mixed emotions and thinking ran in my head as I was going through post-partum depression. The pain began to worsen, and I consulted my mom, who found a white spot-like thing near the opening of my nipple. Mom told me that maybe it happened due to extra milk storage and gave a solution from her experience. The solution was:

1. Wipe the breast before each feeding with Luke warm water.
2. Feed the baby as much as possible from the affected side (right in my case).
3. Remove extra milk after feeding.

Once I followed her advice, my pain reduced, and things went back to normal. I hope my experience with one of the multiple issues with breastfeeding helps you. If you still feel pain while feeding, then never ignore it. Talk to your doctor because your “Health is wealth,” and most importantly, there is a little life that depends on your breast milk. It’s our responsibility to feed our baby healthy and nutritious milk.

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