Have You Tried 'Toy Rotation' Yet? Try This Trick for a Tantrum-free Playtime!

Have You Tried ‘Toy Rotation’ Yet? Try This Trick for a Tantrum-free Playtime!

Dads and Moms out there, do you find yourself staring at a bin full of toys, wondering why your child isn’t interested in playing with any of them?

There’s a simple explanation to it. Your child is most probably overwhelmed with all the choices. There is so much to choose from, that it is almost boring to sort through, and pick one from many. That is why your child would rather find something new and interesting to play with, than spend time sorting and picking.

This mindset is, in fact, very inherent to us humans. Whenever we are faced with an overwhelming choice, we call it quits or push it to the back burner. This is just how we operate. So, is all hope lost? Not at all!

Try this little trick called ‘toy rotation’. As the name suggests, it involves introducing toys in small batches to your toddler. The result, he or she will have fewer options to choose from, and will find it easy to pick a favourite. Once the batch that is out becomes old news and no longer appealing, get the next batch out. The batch that goes back in can be reintroduced down the line and, you will be surprised to see the reception it gets!

So, how does toy rotation benefit families? Let’s find out.

1. Less clutter to deal with
2. Easier and happier clean up routines
3. Very economical
4. Teaches the concept of reusing
5. Instils ownership in kids
6. Makes them responsible for taking care of their own toys

The best way to approach this concept is early on in childhood or during occasions like birthdays, when your child receives gifts in large numbers. Just put some of the toys away and bring them out, gradually. Doing so, will make sure boredom never creeps into your child’s playtime.

When your child grows up a little, you can do it together and explain, along the way, why you’re doing it.

So, get sorting! Try ‘Toy Rotation’ today!

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