100+ Super Sweet Baby Smile Quotes

Parents, especially those who have their first child, are ecstatic, proud, and happy to introduce their new baby to the world. So, it’s no surprise when they take photos of every little thing that their child does. From moving a finger to gurgling in happiness, everything gets caught on camera. And nothing can make parents more excited than capturing an image of their baby’s first smile! But a beautiful image needs some beautiful words along with it, something that can sometimes be difficult to find…

This is why it can be quite handy to have some touching quotes on your child’s smile to fall back on when you want to share some of the many pictures of your precious little one on social media or when you want to look back on how you felt in that moment later in life.

Famous Quotes About a Baby’s Smile

If you want to put words to the innocent smile, quotes are the smart way to go! Here we have a list of quotes to choose from:

  1. “A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.” – Lionel Messi.
  2. “A day where you witness at least one baby’s smile is always a day well spent.” – Unknown.
  3. “A baby’s smile is potent. It can move the people with the hardest of hearts and makes the toughest mothers soften theirs.” – Unknown.
  4. “Pure happiness is found in nothing but in the innocent smile of a baby.” – Unknown.
  5. “A baby’s smile is the best medicine for boredom and stress.” – Apollo M
  6. “A baby’s smile is a language that can melt anyone’s heart.” – Unknown
  7. “No matter where you are and what is going on, a baby’s smile will always find a way to furnish sunshine in your life.” – Unknown
  8. “No matter how you have been living your life in the past but once you have a baby girl, it’s only her smile that anchors your life.” – John Paul Perez de Leon
  9. “It is a moment of pure ecstasy and satisfaction when you see a smile flicker on baby’s lips, just as they gently pass into a deep slumber.” – Unknown
  10. “A baby’s smile is like the sunshine; it brightens up your day.” – Gift Gugu Mona
  11. “The feeling that you get after making a baby smile is the best feeling in the world.” – Unknown
  12. “A kid’s smile is the best credit card in the world. Auto reloads, unlimited usage, and acceptable all over the world.” – Unknown
  13. “The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are the one who made the baby smile.” – Unknown
  14. “The smile of a child expands the universe.” – Charles de Leusse
  15. “A baby’s smile makes a house shine without sun.” – Unknown
  16. “A smiling baby is nothing less than having a little bit of living heaven in your arms.” – Unknown
  17. “A baby’s smile can give you power… enough to even struggle through tears.” – Unknown
  18. “I finally felt it. Love. A rush of love… She gave her very first smile to me because I’m her person now.” – Becky Wade
  19. “To be smiled at by a child is like stepping out of the shade into the sun; it warms you through.” – Unknown
  20. “A baby’s smile is like a rainbow in a clear sky.” – Unknown
  21. “Making a baby smile is the most heavenly experience that one can have on earth.” – Unknown
  22. “There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.” – Jared Padalecki
  23. “A baby’s smile is the quickest known thing to make a person feel happy.” – Unknown
  24. “No matter what the moment, a baby girl will always render sunshine in your life with her adorable smile.” – Unknown 
  25. “A baby’s smile in the evening can turn your stressful day into a Sunday in heaven.” – Unknown
  26. “Exactly as is a mother’s joy when her baby smiles for the first time into her eyes, so is God’s joy when one of His children turns and prays to Him for the first time, with all his heart!” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  27. “Your little baby’s smile fills the gap in your heart which you never realized was empty.” – Unknown
  28. “Kids are the keys to heaven. Make them smile to book your ticket to paradise.” – Unknown
  29. “Babies can impress anyone with an innocent smile. What’s your superpower?” – Unknown
  30. “If I could give my daughters one piece of advice, I would tell them to make the most of the first times – their first kiss, their first date, their first love, the first smile of their first child… There can only be one.” – Michael Robotham
  31. “Whenever you feel down in your life, just look upon a baby’s smile; it will really help you regain hope.” – Unknown
  32. “The smile of a baby is like a kiss of the soul.” – Unknown
  33. “Happiness is your baby’s first toothless smile.” – Unknown
  34. “Every memory is precious. It is more precious when it is a memory of a baby’s smile.” – Debasish Mridha
  35. “People say that nothing is truly pure in the real world, I think they never saw a baby’s smile.” – Unknown
  36. “An unknown fact: Whenever a baby smiles, angels clap, and the moon starts dancing.” – Unknown
  37. “Even the darkest of the days needs only a baby’s smile to brighten up.” – Unknown
  38. “Peace is a child’s beautiful smile and flower’s freshness. Peace is an inner perception of joyfulness and happiness.” – Debasish Mridha, M.D.
  39. “A baby’s smile stops the world and calms the soul like nothing else.” – Unknown.
  40. “A baby’s smile is undoubtedly the cutest thing I have seen in my life.” – Unknown.
  41. “If you want to see pure kindness in today’s world, go see a smiling baby.” – Unknown.
  42.  “The joy and smile of even one child is worth more than the prancing intellects of a thousand men.” – Bryant McGill.
  43. “A baby’s smile teaches us to be happy without reasons.” – Unknown
  44. “A kid’s smile is a reflection of beauty and joy.” – Unknown
  45. “A baby’s smile is so magical that you barely notice that it is toothless.” – Unknown
  46. “Babies smile without any reason. Be like a baby.” – Debasish Mridha
  47. “When you come home, and you see your baby smile, the feeling of being tired just goes away.” – Unknown
  48. “A smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows.” – Unknown
  49. “A baby’s smile is probably a glimpse of what heaven might feel like.” – Unknown
  50. “The smile that flickers on a baby’s lips when he sleeps – does anybody know where it was born? Yes, there is a rumor that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born…” – Rabindranath Tagore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         QUOTE 51
  51. “If a baby’s smile were a sword in the fight for the most beautiful thing in the world, it would have always emerged victorious against all other kinds of beauty in the world.” – Unknown.
  52. “One can never get tired of looking at the smiling face of a baby.” – Unknown.
  53. “There’s nothing purer than an innocent child’s smile. It’s just so radiant with unadulterated happiness.” – Unknown.
  54. “The whole universe dances with joy when a baby smiles.” – ApolloM
  55. “A baby’s smile is just like an uncut diamond, perfectly shaped without any interference from the cruelties of the world.” – Unknown
  56. “It feels like the heavens are calling for you when a baby smiles at you.” – Unknown
  57. “Nothing is more pure, soulful, and cute than a little smiling baby.” – Unknown
  58. “Happiness is seeing your toothless baby smile.” – Iriss Finn
  59. “Life would have been tragic without smiling babies.” – Unknown
  60. “Seeing the innocent smile of your baby girl is the perfect medicine to get rid of the feeling of being tired when you come home after work.” – Unknown 
  61. “A baby’s smile is a bit of sunlight wrapped in your arms.” – Unknown
  62. “It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.” – Deepak Chopra
  63. “A baby’s smile has the power to heal all the wounds of its parents.” – Unknown
  64. “A baby is an innocent charm, all in a cute and tiny package.” – Unknown
  65. “One can resist everything in the world except the smile of a baby.” – Unknown
  66. “A baby’s smile can make anyone smile even in sad situations” – Iqra Tahir
  67. “A baby’s smile is the antidote to melt your stress away.” – Unknown
  68. “A baby’s cry is heaven’s anguish, but their smile is heaven’s joy.” – Unknown
  69. “A baby’s smile is a dancing flower of twinkling stars.” – Apollo M
  70. “She is the exclamation point in the happiest sentence I could ever write.” – Unknown.
  71. “Sometimes when I am waiting for a miracle, my baby girl passes me a smile, and I realize that I have already created a miracle.” – Unknown. 
  72. “Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispering of angels.” – Unknown.
  73. “No medicine in this world can replace my kid’s smile.” Franklin Raj
  74. “All right, little girl, we understand that you are smiling, and I’m just trying to make you happy.” – Unknown
  75. “A woman has two smiles that an angel might envy, the smile that accepts a lover before words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the firstborn babe, and assures it of a mother’s love.” – Thomas Chandler Haliburton
  76. Kids laugh around 400 times a day which is too much more than enough to brighten up the day of every single human being on this earth.” – Unknown.
  77. “Even babies understand the language of smiles. I think that speaks a lot for how universal the language of happiness is.” – Unknown.
  78. “I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.” – Unknown.
  79. “It’s no wonder how mothers are so protective of their babies. One smile was all it took for me to understand and feel just the same.” – Unknown.
  80. “Baby, smile for me and make me feel like I am floating in heaven with your laughter.” – Unknown.
  81. “All the sleepless nights make it worth the effort when you are rewarded with a baby’s adorable smile.” – Unknown. 
  82. “Children learn to smile from their parents.” – Shinichi Suzuki
  83. “The most precious sight, the smile of a child. The most precious sound, a child’s laughter.” – Unknown 
  84. “There are hard days in motherhood, but seeing your baby smile makes it all worth it.” – Unknown
  85. “Sometimes all it takes is your little baby smiling back at you, to remind you that these are, without a doubt, the best years of your life.” – Unknown 
  86. “A smile is a language that every baby understands.” – Unknown 
  87. “Little baby boys seem just like little superheroes in disguise whenever they put on a smile.” – Unknown
  88. “I know a girl whose smile makes my world colorful; she is my baby daughter.” – Unknown 
  89. “If you are sad, hold a baby. Their little smile will heal all your pain.” – Unknown 
  90. “Is there anything cuter than a baby’s smile?” – Unknown
  91. “A smile of a baby never discriminates.” – Unknown
  92. “There is nothing quite so beautiful, nothing so sweet, nothing so sacred, and nothing as attractive as a baby’s smile.” – Apollo M
  93. “Hold on to the tiny moment and cherish all those little smiles. They grow up so fast.” – Unknown
  94. “The world doesn’t revolve around me anymore. Now it’s all about this little baby. I come home after a rough day, I see her, and she smiles and nothing but that matters.” – Michael Easton
  95. “Always smile back at little children. To ignore them is to destroy their belief that the world is good.” – Pam Brown.
  96. “Hold him a little longer, rock him a little more. Read him another story; you’ve already read him four. Let him sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in his happy smile; he is only a little boy for such a little while.” – Unknown. 
  97. “When the babies laugh, it comes all the way from way down in their toes. So I figure there must be something pretty special hidden down there.” – Debora Geary.
  98. A baby’s smile spells only four letters — L-O-V-E.” – Unknown.
  99. “My fingers are tickled to delight by the soft ripple of a baby’s laugh…” – Helen Keller.
  100. “Babies are for bouncing and for jouncing on your knee. For charming you, disarming you, and giggling with glee.” – Unknown
  101. Millions and millions of dollars are never enough to buy a kid’s smile. It’s just priceless.” – Unknown.

There are so many different ways to put words to feelings, but sometimes when the time comes to do it, words can fail. With this collection of quotes, you will never be at a loss for words! You can always tweak these quotes to make them feel more personal to you and your baby. You will look back on these memories someday and recall almost exactly the feelings your baby’s smile stirred up in you.

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