Is Breastfeeding Really One of the Most Beautiful and Amazing Experiences?

Hello mothers, this blog is dedicated to all new mothers and to those who are going to become a mother very soon.

When someone talks about motherhood the very first thing that comes to our mind is breastfeeding. Every mother dreams of having a good breastfeeding session with her child. Even the elders say that it is very easy and it comes naturally and there’s no need to get scared or worried about it. But, wait. Is it really so easy? I feel no.
The journey of breastfeeding starts the moment you give birth, the first thing your elders say is to breastfeed your child as soon as possible but how? You have just got operated or had a vaginal delivery, You are in deep pain but as soon as you see your child, you forget everything and start feeding your child. But does the milk come immediately or is the experience of breastfeeding the same for all mothers. No. No one teaches you how to feed and the child is given to you for feed and he/she starts sucking. But is the flow happening or is the latch correct? How do you know until and unless you hear your child crying?
For many moms, milk comes very fast and the latch also happens very smoothly and yes everything seems to fine and easy but not for everyone.The milk doesn’t come so early and the child keeps trying and gets tired of sucking. In these difficult times, you have to listen to your elders also where they will blame you and make you feel guilty that as your milk is not coming baby has to feed on formula. This guilt will increase until your breast doesn’t produce milk and slowly you will get depressed. Here, it isn’t the mom’s mistake but still, she has to listen to what everyone has to say. No one understands the pain she is going through, operation pain, continuously bleeding, pain while walking and unable to breastfeed.
All these issues make a new mom so depressed that sometimes it takes more than 3 months for her to recover.
Eventually, even though the breast starts producing milk, everyone has an issue whether the baby is getting enough milk or not, no one here teaches how to correctly latch or what to do. Instead, they are been told continuously that they have less milk, or the baby is still hungry after your milk, or baby is becoming weak day by day.
Do we really think that a woman who has just delivered a baby should go through all this mental pain? Why do people forget that when a baby is born, a woman is also born again?
She should have mental support more than physical support.
I agree that mothers milk is best for a baby but what if my breasts are not producing enough milk? Is it really my mistake?
It’s always better to feed your baby formula rather than keeping him/her hungry and making her suck at an empty breast and making them tired and irritated. New moms go through a lot of mental and physical pain, body ache, bleeding, adjusting to the new born’s schedule, unable to sleep for so many nights, continuous hair fall, pressure from elders to be a perfect mom, looking beautiful for others, etc.
New moms – the most important thing here is mental health. Only if you are mentally well, you can take care of your baby. So don’t listen to anyone, just look at your baby and decide what is best for her and yourself. Stay healthy and be happy with your child irrespective of the feed type.
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