How to Care for Your Child’s Eyes

child rubbing his eyes

Parents do face quite a few issues regarding the health of their children’s eyes. For example, the child may complain about not being able to see the blackboard clearly from where he/she sits, their eyes may not seem to be straight and maybe seem like they are deviating either inward or outward, the child may not be looking directly at you while interacting with you, the eyes may be red or watery or have some discharge, or their eyes itch a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to say exactly what is wrong with the eyes, but the parent may feel that there is something weird, funny or the eyes are just not right.

None of these complaints must be taken lightly and needs to be looked at immediately by an ophthalmologist. One of the common conditions that parents observe, especially during winters is that their child’s eyes have redness and they itch. This may commonly be due to allergies which are triggered by allergens present in the air like pollen, dust, mites, etc. General treatment measures for this condition which can be followed at home are – cleaning the eyes frequently with cool drinking water, and wearing protective goggles while travelling on a vehicle or bus to protect the eyes from dust and other pollutants in the air. Parents can also gently place an ice cube wrapped in a towel or a damp handkerchief soaked in cold drinking water on their child’s eyes.

Although these measures could provide your child with some relief from redness and itching in the eyes, they should not be taken as a substitute for visiting an ophthalmologist and getting a formal eye checkup.

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