The First 15 Days of Motherhood - My Experience

The First 15 Days of Motherhood – My Experience

Trust me, it’s easy to become pregnant. But motherhood is not a joke. And, in these first 15 days of my motherhood, I got to know and experience many things about a newborn. Like every new mom, I was also in a state of happiness, fear and anxiety and all my emotions were juggling inside me.

Though I am fortunate to have my mother beside me, but becoming a new mom takes you to a different level. The night I brought my little son back home from the hospital, everyone around me was happy. Deep inside my heart, I was thinking, “Will I be able to take care of my newborn?”

I know, the question seems little weird. The society, family expect your motherly instinct the moment you become a mother. But I am a human being too. It is a huge change in my life. Even, I need time to understand and I am no perfect mom. I am learning too.

After the first peaceful night, the real struggle begins. It is not about keeping track of his feeding time, but his environmental shift from hospital to a homely ambience. The only communication mode of a newborn is crying. And, in these 15 days, I got to learn about the different pattern of crying like feeding, attention, colic pain, and gas pain.

Seeing your baby crying for a continuous 2 hours in the middle of the night and you don’t know the reason is not only frustrating but also brings anxiety and tension. I feel no shame in admitting that even I cried with my baby. No one can ever imagine the level of anxiety that I was suffering inside me.

I am not a night person and waking up for my baby at night was a big challenge for me. But as they said, you have a maternal instinct and a slight of crying sound works as an alarm at night.

In these 15 days, a lot of questions, observations came to my mind regarding my newborn. And finally, a visit to paediatrician helped me get all the answers to my questions and observations.

Also, I got to learn that immediate medicine drops must be there at home to ease sudden pain or fever of a newborn.

The journey of sleepless nights, sudden emotional breakdown, anxiety and tension are common for a newborn. In these 15 days, I also learnt that patience is the real key to share a good bond with my newborn.

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