My Journey to Motherhood Was Not Easy - But I am Loving It!

My Journey to Motherhood Was Not Easy – But I am Loving It!

I got married at the age of 27 and my folks told me that I should be attentive in regards to conceiving. And a year after of marriage, I conceived and faced a lot of complications in my personal as well professional life. My first trimester was spent on the bed as it was quite difficult for me. Things became a bit smoother in the second trimester and in the third trimester. My little one started moving and kicking in my womb, and when he did that, I felt on cloud nine. I used to be very glad. I had faced a lot of problems in my banking job, but somehow I managed them in a good way.

On January 16th, 2018, finally the time arrived when I felt the warmth of motherhood. The difficult period began again – I had sleepless nights and no time for looking after myself. It makes me laugh that one of my near ones had advised me that this time will pass on in six months. And I started looking for my little one to turn six months old. But she turned more stubborn and rebellious in her toddler stage. She threw tantrums during her meal times and cried loudly when she wished for something. In the meantime, I took a decision to give a break to my banking carrier since I wanted to be with her in her initial years and wanted to take care of her. I wanted some time for myself just to relax because it was so very hard for me to manage everything together.

Furthermore, I was proved wrong. In this quarantine time, people are focusing on social distancing and being a mother of a naughty little girl, it has been 2 years since I am maintaining social distancing. The time apart from people and the time with my daughter has been precious. My child has helped me learn unexpected things and she has made me a doctor without a degree. Sometimes, she makes me proud that she is growing with great human values more than necessary for her age.

The moral of this story that I have come to realise is that sacrifices work. Some useful tips which I have learnt in this journey are:

1. If you feel impatient, then breathe in and breathe out. Remember all the good things in life that make you happy!
2. When kids show tantrums while eating, find a way to feed them in a creative way!
3. If you feel exhausted, then think that you are in a gym and working out for yourself!

Find positivity in everything you do and enjoy your motherhood to the fullest!

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