When a Child Is Born, a Mother Is Also Born

exhausted mother holding her baby

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The most beautiful pink lines a woman can ever see are the two pink lines in her UPT kit. This plus sign can bring immense happiness in any woman’s life. She receives unmeasurable levels of love, care, and warmth from her husband and her family. People will give her a seat on the bus, allow her to use the ATM without standing in the queue, and every elderly blesses her. In these nine months, most mothers can’t imagine life after delivery.

After interacting with many new moms, I found that many are struggling to fit into their new role. They had their lives, choices, and priorities before childbirth, and it all stopped suddenly. They would go out, take care of their physique, hair, skin, and they would sleep like normal humans. They had their friends, job and their own space, but after the birth of their child, they were left with pain, sleepless nights, and anxiety of taking care of their babies. Above all, most new mothers are judged on how good she is or she isn’t. Generally, people believe that the more a woman sacrifices, the better mother she becomes. And here, many mothers could fall into depression, trying to meet everyone’s expectations.

Yes, postpartum depression is real. People think new mothers behave differently but wait and observe. She is not behaving differently; she is screaming for help. When a child is born, a mother is also born. She also needs equal love and support.

Here, I want to request all new mums and mothers-to-be, please stay positive, this too shall pass. Your child will eventually sleep through the night; he or she will no longer wish to be carried. Till that time comes, enjoy the purest love, and the strongest bond humans can have. And, talk to positive people. You can join new mothers’ community groups, and share your problems with people who can actually help you out. If nothing works, talk to professionals. Don’t push yourself beyond the limit. I agree the struggle is real, but the result is awesome! You are the most important person in your infant’s life. For everything he or she will look out for is you. Cherish these moments and believe in yourself.

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