Infertility a Challenge and Dealing With It Is a Bigger Challenge

Hello friends. I hope my little knowledge will be able to relax many of you dealing with infertility.. Which is considered a social stigma on part of ladies who are married and not getting prego within a year of marriage. Things will be coming into your ears, any good news?  and sometimes, kab suna rahe ho news? ughhhhh… Bla bla bla
But ask them who are you to interfere and secondly it’s our decision.

I had gone through infertility but yes I am lucky enough that all my in laws and parents were support system and by God grace I am a mother of a boy. In all these 6 years one thing I learnt is that everyone has her time and it’s variable time. Some have to wait for year and some years. But be in high spirits always. God has his plans.

Following stuff will definitely definitely help

  1. Diet modification before planning to get conceived whether naturally or assisted technology like IVF. Include dry fruits like almonds and walnuts. Protein rich egg white, Dals, Salads. Do eat quinoa. Prepare as khichdi.
  2. Try doing aerobics. Yoga else walking if nothing more.
  3. Find ways of getting happy like shopping Movies, Spas, I would recommend going for acupressure therapy.
  4. Don’t burden urself instead if you feel stressed blow it out. Cry if you want but don’t keep things inside.
  5. Involve youself in work if you are working else keep urself occupied in household chores.
  6. Try listening motivational devotional songs.
  7. Visit your religious places.
  8. Believe In  yourself first.
  9. Avoid binge eating.
  10. Trust your doctors completely.
  11. Do less of browsing.Follow ur Doctor.
  12. Get all your medicines on time.
  13. Keep house and work environment clean. Take infertility as challenge not a social tabo.

So friends where there is will there is a way. You should be self motivated girls. No one should come and sympathise you. You are here to prove yourself that accepting challenge in itself is an exhilaration of victory.

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