4 Superstitions Every First-time Mother Should Steer Clear Of

The journey from a carefree, well maintained and graceful person to a mother is not an easy one.  From having plenty of time for yourself to not having the time to even groom yourself properly is a journey every mother has witnessed for herself.  This becomes more challenging when one is faced with numerous suggestions and advice. Mind you,  these are not only from your family and friends but anyone and everyone who realises that you are expecting.  In my experience, a lot of these are mere superstitions which are continuing for a long time.  So, here is a list of top 5 superstitions which I realised after going through this ordeal.

1. No to Anything Black

This was so that the baby is born all rosy and pink. Now the list includes black grapes, black pulses, brinjal and ladies prepare yourself, chocolate.  Even a chocolate ice cream will tan your baby they say.

2. Stuff to Eat for Begetting a Son

All the expecting mommies, you might get suggestions to eat a particular food like chollai to get twins.  Rest assured, didn’t work for me and a lot of my colleagues.

3. Don’t Eat Stale Food for a Hairless Baby

This is yet another one. In not saying that you eat stale food but to expect a hairy baby if you have had it sometime is not gonna happen.

4. Little Honey Goes a Long Way

This is a century old custom of putting honey on newborn’s tongue if you want your baby to be polite. I have heard honey does the wonders. In reality, it does more harm than good. Honey is not suitable for infants and hence is advised against.

There are lots of others also, but you need to be a better judge of your health. Just enjoy those nine months because the next few months are going to be harrowing. Eat healthy, stay fit and get plenty of rest.

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