Convey the Ideology, Not the Rituals – A Small Step is the Start to a Big Change

After I delivered my second daughter, I was overwhelmed to see my family’s happiness and especially my elder daughter’s happiness. The scenes were ecstatic and moments were mesmerizing. Soon after, that time arrived when I was paying a visit to my parent’s home.
Along with happiness, I was a bit stressed. I realized that before being a mother or a wife, I am a daughter. A daughter who still cares for their parents irrespective of the distance between them.
I was concerned about those rituals which will give a sweet headache to my parents. A ritual where they have to gift expensive items to express their happiness (i.e. jewellery, money, packets,etc..). More importantly, it was the second time which will happen followed by my first daughter’s birth.
It’s not like that they had not given or they have any problem, but it’s not over yet. They have to give, give and give…for whom?? For society? For other’s opinion? Or just because the ritual demands this?
And then a deep thought prevailed in my mind. That, if being a daughter, I am concerned about my parents that much. What I am doing? And after 30 years, if my daughters questioned me, “Mom, what you did as a responsible daughter to bring the change in the society about this dramatic ritual”?  What will I say? What will be my answer?
Hence I decided to take this little step. When I came back from my parents home, everyone gathered to see what materialistic things I had brought from there. And there comes the moment where  I proudly announced that I have not accepted anything from them because the love, manners, parenthood they have showered all the years on me and my children is more than enough. I don’t need these things now and onwards because my children need good morals but not good materials.

After hearing this, some eyes were in shock of my courage and some were smiling proudly and saying  “Well done dear, we are proud of you.” I patted myself for taking this little step not for making an impression but for being an inspiration. An inspiration to my daughters and to all the daughters who deeply love their parents.

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