Beautiful Pregnancy Journey of a COVID Positive Mother

Beautiful Pregnancy Journey of a COVID Positive Mother

Hello Mommies!

I am Varsha, and I would like to share my challenging pregnancy journey, which ended in the happiest way one can ever imagine.

I am basically from Bangalore; I confirmed my pregnancy in November. My husband and I were on cloud nine when we first heard our baby’s heartbeat with tears rolling down our cheeks, and in the 3rd month, we first saw our baby’s movement on an NT scan. We still cannot express our happiness. Everything went as beautiful as my baby until the 7th month.

At the end of the 7th month, I came to my mother’s home, and there started our problem. I felt slight fever, cold and cough, and my doctor asked me to get tested for COVID as I came from Bangalore, and the symptoms looked similar. I took the test without any hesitation, but the result devastated my family and me. I was tested positive.

At that time, love and encouragement were most-needed for me. By God’s grace, my hubby parents and doctors supported me to a great extent. Even though I was strong and bold on the outside, I know the days I was crying badly into my pillow. I didn’t give up, though. I took it as a do-or-die situation and worked as hard as I can.

I couldn’t breathe, had an incessant cough, my entire body was in pain, and everything around me tested my will power. After 14 days, I was tested again, and I was negative. That was something I totally deserved.

After two weeks, my doctor said my baby is an FGR baby (fetal growth-restricted baby). This time also I didn’t give up. I worked hard to correct my baby’s growth, and I achieved it!

On July 27, evening 5:35 pm, I delivered my baby girl vaginally. Everyone around me, including the doctors appreciated me. I was the proudest mother that day. My baby girl was totally healthy. Now, she is one month old.

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