Teaching the Art of Giving to Your Children

Teaching the Art of Giving to Your Children

In this world of competition and our constant endeavour to become the best, we have forgotten the most important thing, i.e., to teach our little ones the art of giving.
No doubt, we try to do the best for our children. But we don’t realise when this becomes pride and we loose our focus on becoming and doing the best for our children, and start focusing on being better than others.

All this is constantly observed by children and they also start talking in similar terms.
These days the topic of discussions in schools among children are related to material things. For example, they ask, “Which car you bought?” Or “Do you have an expensive phone?”

As parents, we give everything to our children whatever they demand as after all, we are earning to give the best life to our kids.

Our children in their growing years receive almost everything they desire. Today, everything is so easily available to them that they forget the value of it. Sometimes, they are even ashamed of the things they have and want more expensive and glamorous things. Hence, I have started taking my daughter to NGOs once a while to show her how small children of her age are deprived of basic needs.

On every occasion, like her birthday and every six months, we take her to an NGO, where we distribute Stationary items, school bags, medical kits, food items, etc to children.

We are instilling this value and the art of giving in our daughter right from an early age. This way children will understand that we are lucky to have a comfortable life, but not everyone around is as lucky as we are. Hence, it is our moral duty to give something to the people who are in need. If not money, then at least clothes or food.

By donating something to students, patients, etc., we help them and by making this contribution, children will gradually understand the realities of life and start valuing the things that are given to them.

Apart from this, the sense of satisfaction we get is beyond explanation. So friends, from now on, involve your children in this noble act of kindness and help them become humble.

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