My Exciting Journey of Being a Mother of Two Boys

My Exciting Journey of Being a Mother of Two Boys

Being the mother of a boy, I always wanted a girl as my second child. But, God had something else written in my destiny. I was again blessed with a baby boy. To be very honest, it all struck me very hard. With time, I have not only accepted it, but I am happy also. I realised it when he was down with jaundice and suffered a lot of pain.

A child always brings happiness in your life, irrespective of the gender. With two boys it becomes a bit difficult to teach them what a girl is. My boys were too shy to talk to girls initially. There is always a difference as to what girls do and what boys do. They used to associate home chores to be done by girls as I do them and thought that boys are free from those tasks as their father would not help with the chores after returning from his hectic day at the office.

But now, I have started making changes in their daily lifestyle. I have started assigning little tasks to them. It was very hard in the beginning as they were not used to doing chores, and often threw tantrums. But, with time they have started doing the chores and have become more responsible. My elder son has started taking initiative in teaching his brother, and he likes to make his own chapatti. There is a significant decrease in their tantrums too.

Role-play activities have also helped me teach them that work is small and everyone has their own set of roles and responsibilities. The boys have now started helping their fellow classmates in studies. This has helped them make new friends as well. Life does become easier when you have a sharing and caring attitude towards others.

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