Best Gift Ideas For Your Child

parents spending quality time with kids

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There is a variety of toys and activities available nowadays, but the best gift to a child is his parents’ time. When we spend time with them, it gives them the most happiness than any other thing. No expensive gift can compensate your time with your kid.

Here are some easy tips for enjoying quality time with your kid –

  1. Draw the universe – Drawing and painting is the best activity. You can start with fruits, vegetables, different shapes, trees, plants, cartoons, etc. depending upon the age of your kid. Colour their world to improve their imaginations.
  2. Clay time – Kids find different shapes and colours very attractive. Use moulds that are easily available to make different shapes.
  3. Ball game – Playing ball is a good time pass. Make your kids run a little bit and see how much they enjoy running around to catch the ball.
  4. Rhymes and stories – Tell them their favourite rhyme or recite animal stories. If you can add animal sounds and emotions, they will that, too.
  5. Bathing time – Giving your child a bath is also a perfect bonding activity. Teach him/her colours, body parts, poems or stories while bathing.
  6. Introduce them to nature – Go for a walk in the garden. Show them the beautiful and colourful flowers. If possible, take them to see farming. They love watching vegetables and fruits on the plants or on the trees.
  7. Food for thought – Please do not give mobile or television while they eat. The best way is showing them pictures in the board book when you feed them. Screen time is not good while eating.
  8. Playing with the toys – Blocks, dolls, musical toys, shape sort, cars and so many toys are available to engage and entertain them.

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