How to Train Your Child to Brush Their Teeth and Make It a Fun Activity

How to Train Your Child to Brush Their Teeth and Make It a Fun Activity

Being a Parenting Expert and a mother of two amazing kids, people often ask me how I trained my child to brush their teeth. My only counter-question to those parents, “Is brushing a daily activity or a chore for you?” If the answer to this question is YES then definitely you are pushing too much for it. Do you consider it to be a daily activity for yourself, or is it a matter of oral hygiene for yourself? Do you enjoy brushing your teeth as it will give you a beautiful smile, or is it just for the sake of daily routine that you follow and do? If the answer to all the questions mentioned above is a YES then you as a parent need to change your outlook towards brushing first rather than forcing your little who is still learning things from you and the people around his/her own self.

The key to brushing should be making it a fun activity for your child. We all know that kids get bored even with the monotonous routine that they have for food. If a variety of meal is required every day, then how can we expect these little explorers to not search for fun in the daily activity of brushing?

My suggestion to parents is that you can always make it look like a game of who’s going to get the best smile post brushing or who will be the first to kill those germs and eat all the nutritious and their favourite food post brushing instead of feeding it to the germs. Trust me it works, and giving a small smiley or a star on their hand would make them eager to do it regularly.

Brushing is important, and it’s known to us as adults. However, kids don’t know what’s a cavity and how that will affect their oral hygiene, so I believe it’s best to keep things simple and entertaining for them.

Do share if you felt that my tips helped you in making brushing a fun activity for your little one. In case you want to know about anything else regarding parenting and any child care needs, feel free to comment in the comments section.

Signing off for now. Till then, Happy Parenting!

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