An Insight Into Our Adaptation to the New Role as Mom

When you would want to start writing, something like an article, your brain just pours out a lot of ideas. But then, we will have to try and focus on one topic to get some sense out of it! So, here I am, pondering over the ideas, and I have always felt that a pen helps me a lot when I try to express any emotions. There, right there, I got my topic… EMOTION.
The strongest emotion I have ever had in my life is motherhood, like any other woman. But the only thing, is every woman perceives this emotion in a different way, and that makes it difficult to understand and perfect that art, because there’s absolutely no reference. Believe me, you will try draw references from each person you come across, starting with your house help till your grandmother. But ,you will end up with the conclusion that something might have worked for them, but not for you.
So, how can we adapt to this new role? Is there anything at all which could help me walk into motherhood easily? Yes, there’s one thing which could really help you. Though I cannot say that it is easy, I bet that’s the only way, ladies.
Listen to your child, always. They will show their signs to you, which you will slowly start understanding – not just because you have given birth to them, not just because you carried them in your womb for nine months, but because you spend all your time just watching them. Let these little creatures invade your brain, heart, body, ears, and eyes, and they will make you the best mother in the world, the best of all.
All the best to all to-be moms, and a big cheer for all great moms out there. Love you all!


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