How to Manage Diaper Time, Diaper-Free Time, and Rashes in Babies Above 5 Months

Hello, all! I am sharing my personal experience on how to manage a baby’s pee and poo time in detail.

Managing a baby’s diaper time within 3 months of age is easy, according to me, as they stay and play in one place. You can go diaper-free in this period, as waterproof, absorbent dry sheets are available easily everywhere. 2 to 3 sheets a day is more than enough. They can be washed and reused.

The difficult phase comes when they crawl around, and then these sheets are hardly enough! So, what can we do? Read on below!

Babies who are of 5 months of age and above crawl around, sit in different place, try to stand, and what not! While it’s a happy phase to watch them, diaper management can get messy and sometimes irritating. Good management is important. Try the following things for the right way to provide them both diaper and diaper-free time:

  • As babies grow, their sleep patterns fall in place. They sleep longer through the nights as compared to before. You can use diapers during the night. If they wake up in the middle, change to a new one.
  • In the day time, they will be busier with their activities. Ditch the diaper, and use slightly thick cotton pants. The pee will stay in them, and won’t soil the surroundings much. Change the pants as they pee.
  • Babies above 5 months of age take at least two naps a day. What you can do is, if they sleep after a bath, you can use cloth diapers, so as not to disturb their sleep, which will be of max. 2 hours.
  • Give the babies as much freedom as possible. About 7 to 8 hours of diaper-free time is great.
  • Whenever you use diapers, apply coconut oil. This really helps in preventing rashes, and is great for skin. I religiously use coconut oil. You can also use almond oil. If you want to buy creams, look for those that contain zinc.
  • If you don’t have any choice and must use diapers, look for organic ones, as they are more skin friendly.
  • If using normal diapers, always remember to change every 3 hours, to prevent rashes.
These are a few ways to make handling a baby’s diaper time a little easier on your side!

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