World Contraception Day 2024 - History, Significance, and Facts

World Contraception Day 2023 – History, Significance, and Facts

Whether you’re a breastfeeding mother considering getting intimate with your spouse or a couple not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, all you need, in either case, is the right birth control method to prevent any surprises! There are several birth control options available to you, but with little or lack of correct information available related to contraception, you’re likely to have doubts about it.

This is where the World Contraception Day campaign comes in! World Contraception Day is an annual worldwide campaign aimed to raise awareness about contraception and educate people about the various birth control options. Read this article to learn more about World Contraception Day, its history, facts, and more!

What is World Contraception Day?

World Contraception Day, observed on 26th September every year, is an annual global campaign to improve awareness about contraception. This campaign aims to raise awareness about birth control methods available to a woman and her partner to enable them to make an informed decision regarding their reproductive health. This global campaign pushes for better education related to safe and protected sex so that no pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted!

When is it Celebrated?

World Contraception Day is observed on 26th September every year.

History of World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day was first observed on 26th September in 2007 by ten international family planning organizations to raise awareness about contraception and to enable couples to make an informed decision regarding starting a family, so that every pregnancy is wanted. The WCD promotes family planning and contraceptive methods that are safe and preferred. World Contraception Day is supported by a coalition of 15 international NGOs, governmental organizations, and scientific and medical societies with an interest of spreading the right knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.

World Contraception Day is observed on 26th September every year.

Importance of Contraception

Using protection while getting under the sheets with your partner can certainly prevent an untimely and unwanted pregnancy. But there’s a range of benefits of using contraception, which the World Contraception Day global campaign aims to make people aware of. Here’s why contraception is necessary:

  1. Using contraception helps in family planning. Being informed about (and having access to) various birth control methods can help a woman (and couples) decide when they want to have children and how many. A couple can choose when they want to begin having children, how far apart they want their children to be, and when they should stop. Maintaining an ideal gap between two or more pregnancies can help them prepare financially for their children’s educational needs and other needs.
  2. Young girls and women who are not ready for pregnancy, both mentally and physically, may benefit from using contraception. Women can prevent pregnancy with the help of contraception until their bodies are prepared for the same. Contraception can also help older women protect pregnancy, especially if they are bound to experience pregnancy-related risks or complications, thus reducing the need for abortion.
  3. Birth control can also control population growth. While the decision to have a baby or more is an individual’s choice, having more children can increase the population. And overpopulation can put pressure on the environment, economy, and health and education services. Using contraception during sexual intercourse can help prevent unwanted pregnancies and help a couple plan the number of children they want to have so that they can raise them well, both financially and emotionally.

A woman applying contraception patch on her arm

How You Can Contribute on World Contraception Day

Sexual intercourse is a fundamental part of our existence, but talking about sex or reproductive health is still a taboo in several countries. World Contraception Day, the global campaign aims to change by educating couples and women about reproductive health and the various birth control methods available to them. On this day, here’s what you can do to contribute for World Contraception Day campaign.

  1. Stay informed and educate others. If you have teenage kids, nieces, or nephews, educate them about sexual health and talk about the importance of contraception. But while you’re at it, make sure that your tone is gentle. You need to make them aware, not scare them!
  2. If you’re in your reproductive years and have an active sex life, equip yourself with the right information on birth control. Talk to a doctor about the various birth control methods, and choose one after considering the safety and side effects of each. When it comes to preventing pregnancy, voice your concerns and get all your questions answered by your gynaecologist.
  3. Visit schools or take webinars to educate school kids about sexual health and adolescent kids about various methods of contraception.
  4. Talk to your family and friends about the safe methods of contraception and help them prevent untimely pregnancies.

Some Facts About Contraception From Around the World

Here are some interesting facts about contraception that may surprise you:

  1. Most women between the ages of 15 and 44 years in the US use contraception.
  2. The pill remains to be a popular choice of birth control among many women, but its usage decreases as women age.
  3. Tubal ligation (or getting the tubes tied) is another popular form of contraception among women in the US.
  4. Contraceptive patches and rings are more convenient than pills as a patch and ring need to be changed weekly and monthly respectively, whereas the pill needs to be taken daily. It can be hard for a woman to remember to take the pill daily.
  5. Contraceptive methods such as implants and IUDs are considered to be the most effective as their failure rate is below 1 per cent.

Barriers are necessary and can prove to be beneficial! Use birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant anytime soon, and enjoy the intimate moments with your spouse without any worries. And now that you are well aware of the benefits and importance of contraception, do let us know in the comments how you plan to contribute to the World Contraception Day global campaign!

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