Happy Choti Diwali 2024 - Beautiful Wishes and Messages for Your Dear Ones

Beautiful Choti Diwali Wishes and Messages for Your Dear Ones

Choti Diwali, Naraka Chaturdashi, or Roop Chaudas – the day has several names and is celebrated in different styles and preferences around the country. Mythologically, it was the day Lord Krishna, along with his wife Satyabhama and Goddess Kali, killed a demon named Narakasura. In India, it marks the second day of Diwali. The rituals practised on this day honour the slaying of the demon, or the victory of good over evil. And, as per our customs, no special occasion is complete without wishing your loved ones! If you are looking up wishes for your near and dear ones, your search ends here. These beautiful Choti Diwali greetings are sure to bring your hearts closer this year!

Happy Choti Diwali Messages and Wishes for Family and Friends

Send these warm Choti Diwali greetings to your loved ones this year. They are great to share with the kids, too, if you are looking for Choti Diwali wishes for kids!

  1. It’s time for delicious mithai, bright lights, and warm wishes. Happy Roop Chaudas!
  2. May the light shine through and enlighten your life. Happy Choti Diwali!
  3. Wishing prosperity and happiness to you and your family on this special occasion! May you have a blessed Choti Diwali.
  4. I wish your Choti Diwali is filled with love, laughter, and lights! Happy Roop Chaudas!
  5. Choti Diwali is synonymous with the end of evil, and the survival of good. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  6. May the diyas enlighten your lives and make the darkness disappear. Sending Choti Diwali Greetings!
  7. I wish this Choti Diwali fills your hearts with enthusiasm and joy! May you celebrate the victory of good over evil, and also have a sparking Diwali this year! Happy Choti Diwali!
  8. I pray the divine light brightens your life this Choti Diwali. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  9. On the occasion of Naraka Chaturdashi, here’s wishing you a happy and healthy life. May you always grow and prosper. Happy Choti Diwali!
  10. The day to enjoy fireworks and lights has come! Wishing you lots of happiness and prosperity this Choti Diwali!
  11. May your life shine like silver, shimmer like gold, and dazzle like solitaire! Happy Choti Diwali!
  12. I pray the cheer, joy, and merriment of this divine festival surround you forever! Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  13. May Lord Krishna’s blessing be upon you and your loved ones during this festive occasion. Happy Choti Diwali!
  14. May this season bring happiness, brighten your life, and bring you luck! Happy Roop Chaudas!
  15. I wish the joy and light of this beautiful day brightens your life forever. Sending warm wishes on the occasion of Naraka Chaturdashi.
  16. I pray this Choti Diwali is as bright as it can be. May it bring abundant love and light in your life! Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  17. I pray this Choti Diwali lights up new dreams and fresh hopes. May it fill your days with pleasant moments and surprises. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi to you and your loved ones!
  18. Sending all the luck in the world. Wishing you success, prosperity and happiness. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  19. May this Choti Diwali bring joy, health, and wealth into your life and be as bright as ever! Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  20. May the diyas you light today be the diyas of contentment. I pray the festival illuminates your life, and you reap happiness and prosperity. Happy Roop Chaudas!
  21. May this Naraka Chaturdashi bring pots full of wealth, health, and life. May God bless you and end all your strife. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!
  22. May the joy and light of this beautiful holiday brighten your life, today and always. Happy Roop Chaudas!
  23. May this Choti Diwali become a symbol of hope and light. May it bring inner joy, peace, love, and the awareness of oneness to all. Happy Naraka Chaturdashi!

Choti Diwali greetings and quotes can be a great way to tell your friends and family how much you love them. Make this year’s Naraka Chaturdashi a special one by sending one of these lovely messages. Happy Choti Diwali!

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