My NICU Journey!

My NICU Journey!

Hey Folks!

I am a mother of a miracle baby! Yes, miracles do happen…
My baby was born prematurely due to complications with my pregnancy. I had IUGR (I will get into the details in my upcoming posts), and my pregnancy was rough! It consisted of uncountable doctor’s appointments, NST’s, weekly scans, bed rest and whatnot.

Premature delivery is not a choice, it just happens, and it’s not anyone’s fault! It took me very long to accept this.

I am writing this post to raise awareness about premature births because even I was unaware of it before it happened to me. It can happen to anyone! With awareness comes knowledge, resources and also the confidence of dealing with it.

My NICU journey was an emotional roller coaster. I prayed, prayed and prayed for the health of my baby. I so badly wanted to take him home along with me. I just hung in there; waiting, trusting God, and crossing fingers every day. It broke my heart to see my pregnancy continue in an incubator. No woman would ever imagine that. It broke my heart, but I had to collect the pieces, emerge out to be braver! I had to do it for my sweet little boy – my child, my firstborn.

I had thousands of why’s in my mind. Why me? Why does my family have to go through this? Why is my child being poked? Why did it happen? And, then I realised that God chooses his strongest warriors for the greatest battles! This kept me going.

I wish I knew a lot of things about premature births before it happened to me!  Had I knew stuff, I would have made fewer mistakes and would have been a little relaxed.

Through my posts, I am trying to help the moms who go through this tough phase. I am gonna share my experience about how being a NICU mom changed me, made me stronger, more patient and a better human being.

And, most importantly, my baby has been inspiring me to think, act, talk positive. He is a born fighter; determined as a shark, super cute and has won my heart!

NICU moms are the strongest!

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