Slow Down, Think and Revive: Let’s Cope With COVID Normally

Slow Down, Think and Revive: Let’s Cope With COVID Normally

Though the world outside is put to a stop, life inside is more than busy for me than it used to be in normal times. Where, at one side, I am relieved we all are together spending a whole day being around each other, on the other side, I want to lockdown the kitchen, to make everyone roam around in the shortest and least clothes possible and to start using those use and throw plates. I am just unstoppable from the time I get up.

Where the day begins, having lemon and ginger tea amidst the beautiful view from my balcony with my beloved husband, I often end it screaming at everyone who even tries to ignore my commands. Where my son says, “Why do you look so grumpy like Dadda pig, Mom?”, my husband in a very sweet tone comes up with his witty statement, ” Yeh Arnab Goswami jaise kyun chillaye jaa rahi ho?” 

Though it was funny, it brought tears in my eyes as I was completely tired. The days are really very difficult and busy. Looking after the kids, making them both busy with their respective activities, feeding them, nap times, in between food and snack time, calming the little one as he wants me to hold him if he finds me around plus all that cooking, cleaning and dishes. My activities are never put to halt. And so I am badly exhausted by the end of the day. 

But suddenly today when I was about to tell everyone to go to bed, my son asked me to be a statue. And without missing a second I preferred playing along (it’s not like I am mostly angry every evening). He asked me to release but I just loved the way he innocently laughed at this and so he repeated again. I too liked it, the way he enjoyed, this really made me realise how easy it is to laugh. 

Being statue for some time didn’t let me think about anything else and all I wanted was to remain as it is, be in the game, share fun and joy. Though I knew the kitchen was calling me, I preferred ignoring it and lived in the present. Slowing down a bit refreshed me. We all played it together, enjoying and laughing at funny poses (which both of us made intentionally). Our little champ burst into laughter and the whole house had a feel of fresh air. 

This quarantine phase in our lives expects the same from most of us. We were busy running for things which just look irrelevant in the present scenario. This locking down has given us all an amazing opportunity to slow down. I was using it the wrong way, running behind to finish up things as soon as possible. But then I asked myself, “Can’t the dishes be delayed for a while, as my boys need their funny mother who can refresh them anytime.”

We aren’t stopping for long but just slowing down a bit from our schedule to live in the present and also enjoy it…

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