21 Exciting Virtual Tours For Kids

In the current pandemic situation, the entire world is witnessing a new way of living and surviving! With home schools and social distancing practice, each one of us has to remain cooped up at home, and it becomes all the more difficult, especially with kids! To help those parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained during the lockdown, we have recommended some of the best virtual tours for children. These tours are engaging and highly informative, and guess what! You can also enjoy them along with your kids!

Amazing Virtual Trips for Kids

Here are some of the most amazing virtual trips your kids can enjoy from home:

1. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, USA

One of the best free virtual trips for all kids out there is this world-famous museum located in Washington, DC. This museum is now open online and offers a 360-degree virtual view of each and every exhibit on their online website. You will also find small photo icons on many of the objects. Clicking on them will enable you to get a closer image of the exhibit and view other information.

2. San Diego Zoo, USA

One of the most popular zoos in the USA, the San Diego zoo, is home to all kinds of animals from all over the world! This website attracts more than 3.2 million visitors each year! Due to the corona pandemic, the San Diego Zoo had been closed down; however, their live cams are still up and provide instant access to the ones wanting to spend a few hours watching their favourite animals. The zoo is a perfect virtual field trip for preschool kids!

3. Cincinnati Zoo, USA

Cincinnati Zoo is one of the oldest and most established zoos in the US. It hosts almost 2000 animals. They have now started hosting live Facebook events every day at 3.00 pm EST. The event highlights one particular animal a day and a related activity that you can do at home. You can even ask questions about the animals in the comments section during the event.

4. The Louvre Museum, Paris

Soak up in the art and history of this iconic Paris museum all from the comfort of your home. Explore an online tour of the several famous exhibits of the museum and the basement that hosts the ancient remains of the Louvre’s original moat. Make sure to take a virtual tour of the Great Sphinx of Tanis, and Egyptian Antiquities of the museum.

5. Boston Children’s Museum, Boston

An almost real virtual field trip, you can step through the three levels of the museum and also walk through the queue! You will find some entertaining resources to play and learn at home for kids while you can’t personally visit the museum.

6. Uffizi Galleries, Florence, Italy

If your little one is fascinated with European history or merely wants to experience taking a stroll through the lively streets of Florence, then this virtual tour is for you! Renowned for its stunning Renaissance pieces of art – ‘The birth of Venus’ by Botticelli and ‘Medusa’ by Caravaggio, it also showcases step-by-step google arts and culture gallery tour!

7. Great Wall of China, China

How about trekking 3000 miles of the iconic Great Wall of China without feeling tired? With this virtual tour, you and your kids can explore some of the most famous sections of the Great Wall of China without actually visiting the place!

8. Easter Island, Chile

Explore one of the most remote islands in the world, and also check out the mysterious giant statues that the island is famous for. This virtual trip is perfect for kids and parents who are interested in travelling to places with historical importance.

9. International Space Station Tour

A truly fascinating experience for kids, a live International Space Station tour by Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams is a perfect way to spend some ideal time. The commander gives a detailed tour of the observation deck, laboratories, the crew member’s sleeping quarters, and more.

10. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA

Explore the colourful underwater marine life while still being in your pyjamas and sipping a cup of hot chocolate! The live cameras of the aquarium let you check out the gigantic Piranhas, Beluga Whales, and Puffins!

11. The Nature Conservancy, Oklahoma

How about a wasp of fresh air from the vast wilderness of Oklahoma? Take a virtual field trip through the nature conservancy of Oklahoma and get a 360-degree view of several preserves of the conservancy. Learn more about the unique prairie ecosystems by clicking on the features of the landscape.

12. Farm Tour, Canada

Visit an apple orchard, explore behind the scenes of a sheep farm, learn how to milk a cow, and meet some of the livestock guardian dogs with this exclusive virtual tour! With this virtual farm tour, you can explore 11 different Canadian farms and their food processing facilities.

13. Yellowstone National Park, USA

Enjoy the bliss of checking out the main attractions of the Yellowstone National Park while resting in your favourite chair at home! Marvel in the stunning sights of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Mud Volcano. Also, check out the 3-D models of the landscapes and geysers created by scientists.

14. Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

One of the perfect virtual field trips for kindergarten kids, this one focuses its cam on the cheerful pandas soaking up in the sun or playing around with the bamboo sticks. Besides witnessing the live virtual streaming, the viewers can learn more about the friendly pandas and how it’s like to be a keeper for a day!

15. Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands

This museum is dedicated to one of the most famous painters in the world, Van Gogh. Many of his paintings and artworks have been exhibited in the Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam. A virtual tour through the museum will be a perfect choice of a virtual tour for your child if he loves to paint. It also gives you a chance to see the incredible art pieces, including the sunflowers up closely.

16. Kenai Fjords, USA

Located in the northwestern state of the US, Kenai Fjords is home to a host of glaciers, fjords, and icebergs. You can explore this stunning chilly new world through a virtual kayak of your own. Explore the beautiful scenery through the darkest and iciest crevasses. Don’t forget you need an earphone for this one.

17. The World of Harry Potter

Simply magical and mesmerizing is the wizarding world of Harry Potter! This incredible tool from Google maps enables you to explore all the places in J.K Rowling’s magic world. Explore the London market, a true inspiration for Diagon Alley, and the renowned platform 9 ¾ that whisked away all the witches and wizards off to Hogwarts.

18. Buckingham Palace, England

Get a chance to explore the queen’s royal residence from inside with this royal virtual tour! The tour was originally designed and created in honour of the London Fashion Week, 2018. It displays a variety of extravagant clothes that are fit for royalty. You can breeze through some of the vast rooms in Buckingham Palace through the Google Arts and Culture feature.

19. Windsor Castle, England

The oldest occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle, is open to the public on the weekdays since the queen regularly spends her time in it during the weekends. Recently, they have introduced an online virtual tour of the castle. The zoom in and zoom out feature enables you to look through the rooms closely and the ‘i’ icon stands for information regarding the details of the room. It’s an incredible experience for both kids and elders who are fascinated by history.

20. Stonehenge, England

Traverse through the unexplored mysteries surrounding the marvel of human or alien creation of Stonehenge! This informative virtual tour leads you through an in-depth study about the mysterious origin of the Stonehenge. You will find a pulsing icon on the video, clicking on which you can dive deeper into the mystery all from the comfort of your home!

21. British Museum, England

Indulge in an incredible journey of British Museum’s 60 galleries where you can watch, listen and learn everything about the Egyptians, the creation of bizarre and world-famous mummies, the glutinous eating habits of the Romans and much more! You can go for this virtual tour through the ‘Museum of the World online tour’ and browse through a large section of the museum and explore the exhibits by date, continent, and category. You’ll need your earphones to listen to the audio that offers a captivating backstory for each piece!

Each one of the above-mentioned virtual tours is unique and special in its own way, and the common fact about each of them is that it lets you explore the world from the comfort of your couch! The above virtual tours cover everything that’s perfect for kids from zoos to museums, art galleries to space stations, and nature! And the good news is most of them are free of cost! We hope that the above ideas help your kids utilize their sit-at-home time in the most effective and productive manner.

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